Genshin Impact – Walkthrough of the Sacrificial Offer Quest

Genshin Impact – Walkthrough of the Sacrificial Offer Quest

Players may feel lost with little guidance and ghosts sitting around, as they try to figure out how to complete the Sacrificial Offering quest within Genshin Impact. Ghosts, fox statues and an abandoned shrine are all part of this quest. It’s quite simple but not easy.

Investigating the Abandoned Shrine and Mysterious Shadows

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Once they have completed the Sacrificial Offer quest, players must go to the Abandoned shrine Mt. Between Mt.. The area that the shrine can be found is at the eastern edge of the highlighted area. The shrine should be reached by the players. Mysterious Shadow standing in front of the main shrine

The players will have to Speak with this ghostMove them in front one of the fox statues. Turn around and go to the ghost at the end of the street. Far left portion of the path. Talk to her about having her stand in front a second fox statue. Once they’re in front one, Do not talk to them againOr it will reset their position.

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Return to the main shrine and continue on the path. Reach the ghost at bottom of steps. After speaking with her, she’ll move to a fox statue. You can search for the next one. Atop the main shrine’s top roofYou can speak with. The last ghost is Standing under a treeJust past the clusters of fox statues, you will find the main shrine. This will bring forth the key item as well as three beautiful chests.

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This is the last step before players can start to Head to the shrine located at the summit of Mt. Yougou. Here players can Talk to the ladyThere, she will give players an item that can be used to solve the mystery. Players will then be required to The item can be usedYou can continue to investigate the abdicated shrine.

The Memento Lens is used to inspect the Abandoned Shrine

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The Abandoned Shrine will require players to The Memento Lens can be usedFrom the Gadgets Menu Use it on all blue, glowing, smaller Fox statues. These can be scanned in any order. The five images should correspond to the previous standing position of each woman.

Then, Interact with the statue of the big foxThe second woman who was spoken to stood where she was standing. The players will need to Answer the following questionsCorrectly given by the statue. These answers will be related with what players saw using the Memento Lens.

  • Answer one:“In the Name of Narukami’s Envoy.”
  • Answer 2: “And of the Hakushin bloodline.”
  • Answer 3: “Bring forth the Fried Tofu!”

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The Barrier Must Be Destroyed

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Afterward, Grab the ward at the shrineHead to the The west shore of a small lake is nearby. The players will need to Enter the caveClick here to find the barrier they must remove. Players will need to Cleanse the lantern that is not litThe ward is located in front of your gate.

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To complete the puzzle, players must: Be sure to label the lanterns. It’s quite simple. The one at The gate’s center is a pair of twosAll the The term “rest” should be used to refer to a group of three.. It is impossible to change the front lamp, so don’t fret.

Once the puzzle is completed, players will be prompted to enter a The Mysterious Samurai will fight for you. This will be his final boss. You can defeat him to complete the questline and move on to part 3.

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