Genshin Impact Outside of the Canvas, Inside The Lens Event Guide

Genshin Impact Outside of the Canvas, Inside The Lens Event Guide

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Genshin Impact’s new photography event is Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens. It starts in Inazuma where Asagiri, a light-novel illustrator, is suffering terrible art block.

The event starts at April 1, 2022, toApril 11, 2022All players are welcome to play in the. Adventure Rank 30 or above Who has completed the Ritou Escape PlanSection II of the Inazuma Archon Quest Chapter I: Act I- The Immovable god and the Eternal Euthymia. Additionally, you must own the Camera GadgetParticipate in this event.

How to play the Event

After you have met all the requirements, the Event Quest, Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens will be automatically given to you. This will take you to Asagiri, Inazuma City. You’ll be asked to take 14 photos across Teyvat The prompts will guide you. The first two unlocks will be available on the first day, and the rest will unlock gradually over the following five days.

Click Take a look at the Photo NotesTo view the prompts, go to the event menu. A Kamera iconThe mini-map and the World Map will include the following: A glowing spot To indicate the exact spot where the photos were taken.

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How to Take Pictures

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Get in touch with the glowing spotStart taking photos. A ChecklistThe screen will show the text on the left. These must be achieved before you snap a photo with the Kamera.

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Remember that you are responsible for your own actions Must use the Kamera GadgetThis event is not for the Photo-Taking Points. The settings menu won’t allow you to see them through your camera. Also, skills are required for some photos. You can get rewards by clicking on the Photo Notes link in the event menu after you have taken the photos.

What is Photo-Taking points?

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A prompt is included in the photography notes about including Photo-Taking Tips. These circles are based on the amount of scenery that is included in the shot. You must Zoom out More Photo-Taking Points will appear on the screen

Our guide is available here How to take a picture in-game in Genshin ImpactLearn how to use the Kamera Gadget.