Genshin Impact is moving forward with new areas, new characters and more. While 2.7 doesn’t add any new characters to the world map it does bring two more potential players to your rosters. You might consider saving Primogems depending on which team you are with to get the 2.7 banners.

These are the two new characters Yelan Kuki Shinobu. Yelan, a five-star Hydrobow user who hails from Liyue. Kuku Shinobue lives in Inazuma and is an Electro sword user of four stars. Both appear to be characters. Support Capabilities, especially Kuki Shinobu’s case where he seems to be an a Healer.

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These characters are believed to be on the Similar bannerSo you can easily develop pity toward them. The information from beta testers suggests that Shinobu is a top four-star of the highest order, similar to Xingqui/Xiangling. Yelan is a great choice for players who want to apply Hydro to their enemies.

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