Genshin Impact’s most awaited characters, Yelan, Kuki Shinobu, have been in the spotlight. However, Kamisato Akato is now confirmed to be coming out in the next update. According to a leaker @lumie_lumieYelan, a five star Hydro bow user, has been posted to Twitter and is expected to be on the first banner for Version 2.7. Kuki Shinobu (a four-star Electro character) is expected to appear on the second banner. Her weapon is not yet known.

This information aligns with the recent leak that Version 2.8 will be a full rerun patch—which includes Kaedehara Kazuha’s coveted banner—before Sumeru’s subsequent release.

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Image via @anonsbelle

Yelan’s name is being rumored for the past year. Early rumors suggest that Yelan may have been a polearm-wielding Madame Ping when she was younger. The Version 2.6 beta files have leaked rigs that paint a different picture. Yelan is a bow user wearing a bobbed hime and a furry coat.

Kuki Shinobu was then introduced as a member the Arataki Gang. Yae Miko spoke of her as someone who comes from a family full of shrine maidens and chose to study in Liyue to try different trades. Yanfei could also be given a voiceline regarding Kuki Shinobu, according to recent leaks.

Although these bits of information fit in the current update puzzle, it is important to remember that they are just speculation leaks and everything will be subject to change in the coming months. Take everything with a grain, and be sure to tune in for the latest leaks from Teyvat.

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