A leak was posted recently by Revue ImpactThis message, translated into WFP Discord, revealed that Genius Invocation is a new TCG and could make it to Genshin Impact after Sumeru drops. According to the leak, the card “ceremony” is a serious Duel in Sumeru that involves dice, cards, luck and luck.

Elemental Dice are required for the game. These dice can give points depending on which Element they correspond to, including Dendro. The “Omni-Element”, an all-Element wild die, will be available to players so they can use it as any other in-game element. Other than the fact that it will be luck-based like almost everything else in Genshin Impact, no other details were given about this card game.

The new loading screen text provided tips and fun facts to players about the game. Genius Invocation is allegedly a new translation for the Sacred Call of Seven. This set of trading cards was also mentioned by Liben during Inazuma’s Marvelous Merchandise.

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Liben says that he was granted a Commission by a Sumeru researcher to present a prototype of the Sacred Call of Seven tradingcards to Inazuma’s Yae Publishing House. Inazuma has had its fair share of encounters to the TCG category, as Arataki Toto, self-proclaimed TCG champion number one, repeatedly mentioned it.

Similar tabletop games can also be found in Teyvat. Ningguang’s board game Liyue Millenial is currently unplayable. It has been a popular novelty item in Liyue. The Theater Mechanicus will return in Version 2.6’s Irodori Festival. It is essentially a boardgame.

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