Genshin Impact leak reveals Yelan’s possible skills and kit

Genshin Impact leak reveals Yelan’s possible skills and kit

Genshin Impact nears Version 2.6. Information about the update is now starting to surface. Although Yelan’s ingame model was leaked along with the Version 2.5 beta, it is believed that her actual release date will be in Version 2.77. She is well-known to be a 5-star Hydro bow user. However, information about her kit remains vague as it has yet been closed beta tested.

Recently, users from the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit have been crossposting Yelan leaks sourced from Chinese forums, which have been hubs for most early leaks. Although the details are scattered over several posts, users have kept them all to themselves. u/areteteA compilation of Yelan’s skills and equipment was created.

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These are the details that were leaked:

  • Yelan may be able scale off HP. However, leaks suggest that Yelan could make use of the Tenacity of the Millelith Artifact Set. Others have suggested that Yelan could possess an HP-draining Elemental Skill. However, this was disproven in a Reddit post.
  • Yelan is likely to be a support character—specifically a buffer. She is unlikely to be able to fulfill a DPS role due to her low Damage output.
  • Yelan will likely have high Energy consumption. However, C1 may reduce the need for high Energy Recharge stats. Her other Constellations might also have an Energy Recharging system for the team, similar to Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst.

Yelan, according to the leaker, isn’t as easy to play as Yae Miko or Kujou Sara. Or that her animation canceling is more complicated than Klee or Hu Tao. To gauge the opinions of the testing community on Yelan’s pre-release gameplay, it is strongly recommended that you wait for the Version 2.7 beta to begin.

On that note, keep in mind that the information above consists only of early leaks—all of which are subject to change in the coming months. You should take them with a grain. HoYoverse has not confirmed any of the information.

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