Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Material Farming Guide

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Material Farming Guide

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To become truly powerful in Genshin Impact you must first level up your characters. Ayaka is a powerful unit. Most of her farming materials are located in Inazuma. You will need these materials to prepare for pulling her.

Ayaka Ascention Cost

Here’s the cost to climb Ayaka to Level 90:

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Item Name The Number of Participants Item Location
Shivada Jade Sliver 1 Cryo Boss Fights
Shivada Jade
9 Cryo Boss Fights
Shivada Jade Chunk 9 Cryo Boss Fights
Shivada Jade
6 Cryo Boss Fights
Perpetual Hearts 46 Perpetual Mechanical Array
Sakura Blooms 168 Narukami Island
Old handguard 18 Samurai
Kageuchi Handguard 30 Samurai
Famed Handguard 36 Samurai

How to Get Sakura Blooms

Sakura Blooms are available all over the world Narukami IslandParticularly near the Grand Narukami Shrine You can find the way to it by following the steps. Sakura Blooms are a tricky one because you must use an Electro You can attack them to make them physical items that you can purchase.

How to get handguards

However, handguards are much more frustrating. Handguards fall from the various samurai-type enemies, Nobushi. They can be found on almost every island of Inazuma, except Tsurumi Island. They have an issue: Low rateIt is extremely difficult to quickly collect them.

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Where can I find the permanent mechanical array?

Once you’ve completed the majority, the Perpetual Mechanical array won’t be available to you. Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ceremony sidequest. Once you have gained access to the Unterwasser area You will be able challenge the Array at anytime and even unlock it while you are on the quest Waypoint to quickly gain access to the fight

Ayaka Talent Price

This is how much it would cost to level up all three talents of Ayaka:

Item Name The Number of Participants Item Location
Old Handguard 18 Samurai
Kageuchi Handguard 66 Samurai
Famed Handguard 93 Samurai
Elegance Teachings 9 Violet Court Domain
Guide to Elegance 63 Violet Court Domain
Philosophies of Elegance 114 Violet Court Domain
Bloodjade Branch 18 Azhdaha
Crown of Insight 3 Timed Events, Sacred Sakura Tree

How to Get Elegance Books and Bloodjade Branch

Elegance Talent Materials are easily available from the Violet Court. Tuesdays And Thursdays. The domain is located at Inazuma Kannazuka Island. You will need to return to Bloodjade Branch Liyue Fight Azhdaha,Who is your weekly boss? You can unlock Azhdaha by doing Zhongli’s The second story quest.

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