Genshin Impact – How to Unlock Fast Travel

Genshin Impact – How to Unlock Fast Travel

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Genshin Impact’s world is vast and you will be amazed at the number of hidden corners. It will take you a lot of time to explore the entire world and find every ruin. There is also a fast travel system in the game. But how can you use it exactly?

Developers miYoHo have created a comprehensive tutorial for the game that explains many things in a way that is easy to comprehend. It’s very easy not to pay attention. We will explain how to quickly travel in this guide.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

You will need to find small waypoint pillars across the map in order to fast travel in Genshin Impact. You will receive a small reward for interacting with one of these pillars and the ability to teleport to that location in the future. When you encounter one, it is important to interact with them.

Example of a fast travel pillar in Genshin ImpactExample of a fast travel pillar in Genshin Impact

Credit SMKurama on YouTubeClick here to see the screenshot.

Waypoints can be extremely useful as they allow you to cover large distances in seconds. This is a huge advantage over running or timing.

Fast traveling can also be used to complete quests. You will travel all around the globe hunting for specific items and the like. Being able to quickly get to certain places will allow you to complete quests in no matter how fast you go.

How to travel fast

It’s very easy. Simply open the main menu and click on the map tab. You’ll see all waypoints that have been unlocked and which you have access to. You can only use the ones that have a glow, while those without a glow will be locked.

This map shows you where all the waypoints are located. The good people of the Genshin Impact Interactable MapWebsite for the image.

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Map of all waypoint locations in Genshin ImpactMap of all waypoint locations in Genshin Impact

You can use the map to explore the area and locate the ones you don’t know yet. This makes it easy to travel anywhere fast!

Simply click on any of the glowing fast-travel points to get there. This is all you need to do for fast travel.

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