Genshin Impact: How can you survive the extreme cold of Dragonspine

Genshin Impact: How can you survive the extreme cold of Dragonspine

Dragonspine can be found in one of the most fascinating areas in Mondstadt. This area is unique in that it has a weather effect unlike any other part of Mondstadt, except for a boss fight. You must keep your freezing temperature down to survive Dragonspine. Otherwise, your health bar will quickly run out.

How to survive extreme cold on Dragonspine

The Dragonspine is your first step. You will see a bar above your health You are rapidly freezing to death. This meter will become permanent damage once it is full. You can only bring the meter down by finding heat sources.

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The following items will lower your temperature:

  • Campfires and lit torchers
  • Waypoints
  • Fire Seelie is both free-roaming as well as in podiums
  • Ruin Braizers

You will find all of these items spread quite generously throughout Dragonspine. You should definitely have a pyro character in your party It is best to light unlit torches or campfires.

Items for cold handling

Two items can be made using crafting and cooking to reduce the chill:

  • Warming bottleYou can reset your temperature in seconds.
  • Ghoulash:It takes 0.4% longer to get rid of the cold.

Once you have the item, the warming bottle will not be locked.Frostbearing Tree at level four. After completing the quest, you will be able to make goulash.Ah, fresh meat.

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