Genshin Impact – How to Heal

Genshin Impact – How to Heal

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Genshin Impact may be new to you, so you will likely have questions. When you first begin playing these open-world RPGs, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Below are some steps to help you restore your character’s health.

It is vital to know how to recover your HP during these games. Your team will often find itself in trouble as you battle it out against different enemies on your journeys. Be sure to have enough food and water before you go out into the wilds.

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How to Restore Health

In Genshin Impact you will need to either use a healing skill your character can use, eat food you collect or cook in the wild, or interact with a Statue or Seven to heal the character. Most people will restore their health by using a healing skill or eating healthy food. The Statue of Seven is also a useful tool.

Guide to Healing

I will be going in more detail on the healing aspects of the game.

Healing Skill

Only certain characters can heal. This is usually limited to Hydro characters and healing classes. Barbara is a good example of a character who has healing skills that can be used to heal. You can also swap these healing skills with other characters to get the same effect. It is rare for other characters to be able to heal so you will have to rely on food.

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Barbara can be yours for free if you reach Adventure Level 20 prior to the first major patch.


There are many recipes that can be used to heal your characters. You can either scavenge in the open, or kill different animals to find ingredients. These supplies can be used to heat stoves in cities or campfires while you travel around the globe. Check out this list to see what recipes you will find. Cooking Wiki.

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can also find vendors or restaurants that sell food.

Statue Of The Seven

You will only find nine of them currently, so they are not easy to find. These are very important, so it is worth going out of your way to find them. These can be used to fill in missing areas of the map or serve as waypoints. They also increase your maximum stamina and give you the ability change the elemental talents for the Traveler (main character). All locations of the Statues of The Seven can be found in this. interactable map!

These are the basics of healing in Genshin Impact! Make sure to read our guide how to obtain charactersWhat you can do, and what you can do. re-rolIf you are interested in a better team, please click l