Genshin Impact – How to Craft and Enhance Weapons

Genshin Impact – How to Craft and Enhance Weapons

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You can keep busy in Genshin Impact’s world by doing many things. You can explore, kill monsters, complete dungeons and complete quests. The game also features a cooking and crafting system, regardless of whether you are a blacksmith, or an alchemist.  Although you can find supplies and weapons in all of Teyvat’s chests, it is not always possible to make the task a professional. This guide will show you how to use the blacksmith for new weapons.

How to make weapons

Mondstadt will be your first big city. It will be your main hub for all your needs. The Blacksmith, Wagner, can be found to your left when you enter the city gates. You must complete a quick quest to get him to help you. If you have explored the area, looting every object in sight, it is likely that you already have the material to finish the quest. Iron Ore is what he asks for. It can be found outside the city, near the cliffs in Iron Ore Deposits.

A screenshot of the map within Genshin Impact showing where Iron Ore is locatedA screenshot of the map within Genshin Impact showing where Iron Ore is located

You don’t have to worry if you haven’t yet found any ore.  You can find the player location by clicking the image above. It’s just north of the Fast Travel point. But be cautious as it’s in a camp. Hilichurls. You can then take out the enemies and start to whack the ore deposit. If it has a health bar you should continue hitting it until it depletes. Then you will get a few pieces of Iron Ore.

You can return to Wagner to complete the quest. Now his services are available to you. You won’t be able to make any value at the beginning of the game. However, you can make your first Enhancement Ore with Iron Ore. You can use the Enhancement Ore to gain 400EXP for leveling up your weapon.

How to Improve Weapons

You can make any weapon stronger by using this Enhancement Ore and any other weapons. This is the fastest way for lower-level weapon to be leveled up. However, the weapon becomes less useful with each subsequent level. The weapon’s level or Ore is the higher, so the weapon gets more EXP.

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Head to the Character Menu and click Weapons to enhance a weapon. You must ensure that the weapon you wish to enhance is properly equipped before you can hit Switch. The Enhance button should be located in the lower right corner of your screen. Click that to bring up a new window. It should contain Details, Enhance and occasionally Refine. We’ll be focusing only on Enhance in this guide.


Click Enhance to see the weapon information and some boxes at the bottom right. You can click on the plus sign in the boxes to bring up the window that lists the materials you have the option of adding to your weapon. This could be Ores, or any other weapon. You can add six materials to the weapon by using the six boxes. Select the materials that you are interested in and then add one Enhancement Ore.

The screen’s top left will show the weapon level. A number of +400 will be above the level gauge. This is how much EXP the weapon has, in this case +400. The weapon level will be highlighted yellow if this EXP is used to increase its level. You can use a level 1 blade and give it a +400 amount of EXP. It will then level up twice, giving it a +2.

A screenshot of the enhancement weapon leveling in Genshin ImpactA screenshot of the enhancement weapon leveling in Genshin Impact

If this sounds too complicated for you, the Auto Add button is located next to each material box. Click this button and the game will automatically add all the materials. It will only accept 1 star materials. This can be changed by clicking on the dropdown menu, and choosing 2 Star Materials or Under, 3 Star Materials or Under.

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