Genshin Impact Event: Gorou Guide

Genshin Impact Event: Gorou Guide

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Gorou, Watatsumi Island’s most reliable general who leads troops to battle, is one thing. His physical attributes do not reflect his rank in the army. With pointy ears, a fluffy tail, and a gullible personality, Gorou is easily taken advantage of, especially by a cunning Yae Miko—a predicament that you’ll help him power through in his Hangout Event.

Gorou’s Hangout Event for players is now open Adventure rank 30 and higherWho have completed Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Story Quest Warriors’ Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewal, in exchange for Two Story Keys.

Ending 1 – Tactical retreat

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Yae Miko teases Gorou at the beginning of the Hangout Event. The Guuji is intimidating the Guuji despite him being a strong general. Gorou can be helped by choosing the dialogue Why don’t you let me help with this weakness?Follow up You can begin with some theory…

Both of you travel to Watatsumi Island in order to talk to people and find a solution for Gorou’s dilemma. After finding inspiration in the words of others, he is determined to confront Yae in the Grand Narukami Shrine. There is a chance for you to draw a fortune.

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These are the fortunes:

  • Center-left Fortune Slip—Good Fortune
  • Leftmost Fortune Slip—Great Fortune
  • Rightmost Fortune Slip—Misfortune
  • Center-right Fortune Slip—Great Misfortune

All fortunes will lead you to the Same Ending. But, let’s return to the dialog route Praying for FortuneYou can choose from all possible instances to receive the Achievement Changes in Times. The Hangout will continue and, despite Gorou’s efforts, Yae Miko triumphantly overpowers Gorou with her cunning, ending it in a retreat.

Ending 2 – Desserts Are The Best!

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Click on the Quest menu, choose the Hangout Event section and head to Gorou’s Event. Then, start the dialogue route Countermeasure Conference. This will prevent you re-doing the Hangout.

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Select the options you wish to use. Why not let me help you overcome this weakness I can play the role of a personality that you find difficult…

By pretending to be Ritou’s merchant, you can help Gorou overcome the gullibility of his personality. You can choose from the following options to help you play the part correctly Oh, it’s you. It’s you who came all the way to meet me. If you are looking to bargain, do what I say.

Gorou is terrible at bargaining so you take Gorou with you to the Byakko Plains where you will roleplay as Fatui. A real group of Fatui will eventually appear—You can defeat themGorou will be your partner. After a failed attempt at impersonating Yae you return to Inazuma City and decide to indulge in cake instead.

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Ending 3

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Start with the dialogue route to unlock this Ending Countermeasure ConferenceSelect the option you prefer It’s okay. Let’s just ignore it.Continue onwards Yae Miko isn’t all bad, actually

Gorou tells us that he is responsible for answering readers’ questions in the advice section of That’s Life magazine, published by Yae Publishing House. Gorou asks you to find a quiet place to record your responses. You then respond with I’ll keep an eye on Yae Publishing House.

Upon entering the area, you will encounter the Ms. Hina Fan Club. These readers believe that she is the author of That’s Life’s advice column. They will try to get you to join their Club. You must do all you can to stop Gorou finding out that he was unknowingly a victim to Yae Miko’s schemes throughout the Event. The Achievement will be unlocked by completing this Event The Question is: To Tell or Not to Tell.

Ending 4: The Smiling Send Off

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You can start with the dialogue route The Secret Behind the Letters. Select the option you prefer. I’ll stay with you.. Gorou will need your assistance to go through the letters of his readers and determine the appropriate responses. Help him to solve the romance dilemma he received. It seems like she is falling in love.

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After going through many more letters together, you meet one of Gorou’s troops. After the war is finished, he is keen to return to Narukami Island. However, he is still conflicted. Gorou will answer the question.

You will need to submit the responses to Yae Publishing House. Gorou and you will go to Watatsumi with soldiers to talk to them. Hiroaki will be the soldier who sent you the letter. Gorou speaks with him and allows him to leave with the troops. He sends him off smiling.

Ending 5 – Final Remembrance

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Start with the dialogue route Countermeasure ConferenceChoose to respond with We should steer clear of Yae Publishing House, for now. Gorou tells you about a box he buried by the Komore Teahouse and how he came to Narukami Island to retrieve it—only to find out that it has been stolen.

Katheryne from the Adventurer’s Guild will help you find the missing box. Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild tells you that the missing box was taken in an incident involving Treasure Hoarders. This is being investigated. Gorou is then taken to the Komore Teahouse, where Taroumarou informs her about what transpired. Answer with You understand Taroumaru?

Follow the quest markers to the beach south-east of the Tenshukaku, and defeat the Treasure Hoarders. They must be turned in to the Adventurer’s Guild. Gorou’s package can then be recovered. The contents of the box are personal items belonging to his fallen soldiers, which he reveals to him.

This Hangout is required to unlock the Achievement General of Watatsumi.

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