Genshin Impact Event: Barbara Guide

Genshin Impact Event: Barbara Guide

Barbara is one the four characters available in Genshin ImpactThe new Hangout Events series. Use our guide if you have your sights set on Mondstadt’s brightest pop star.

Hangout Event Series 1: Barbara Guide

You must meet the following conditions before you can unlock Hangout Events.

  • Adventure rank 26 and higher
  • Story keys: Earn one key for every eight completed commissions
  • Completed the Archon Quest Prologue: Act III Song of the Dragon and Freedom

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There are five possible endings. BarbaraHangout Event – There are five different photos you could collect. The Genshin Impact Hangout Events series won’t punish you for choosing the wrong option—in fact, miHoYo encourages players to unlock AllYou can revisit certain scenes and choose different endings! You will be rewarded with almost every playthrough primogemsThere are more chances to take photos. Even completing all endings can unlock an achievement.


Here’s how you can achieve all five endings of Barbara.

Untimely Enthusiasm

After Sister Victoria has expressed concern about Barbara’s location, you’ll find the Deaconess at Wolvendom. She is currently collecting rare herbs. You will both hear someone shouting for Barbara but she doesn’t want to be found yet.

Once you have made the decision on how to handle this person, choose “Just wait, we’ll send that person away.” 

You’ll confront the lone search party member—Albert, a self-proclaimed member of the Barbara Fan Club—and not do a very good job of persuading him to leave. Tell Albert, the forest noises that he’s hearing are only monsters and wolves.This should be followed by a fierce denial. Then Albert will shout even louder for Barbara.

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The Taste of Hard Work

Either was present in the forest scenes of the beginning. Barbara will take you deeper into the woods.You can also call it:Persuade Albert to leave (tell him you’ve been fighting monsters all day and haven’t heard a peep—that should do the trick).

Barbara would like to thank you for the quick cleanup job. Tell Barbara what you would like for this ending. “Your Chilibrew special”This will lead to another foraging adventure, which you can choose to split up, or to the urge to stay together. Tell Barbara. “I think it would be better for us to stick together.” You can also choose to separate if you remember the merchant’s “sweet flowers” option, but it will be a tougher fight.

A small group of monsters will keep you from finding high-quality sweet flowers in Whispering Woods. Uwe, a strange stranger, appears after which Barbara begs for her healing abilities. Barbara will request that you watch Uwe so she can gather herbs. Response with “…No problem. Look around, I’ll take great care of you.

Barbara successfully heals the Definitely-Not-a-Treasure-Hoarder, who becomes indebted to her and lets the two of you pass on without trouble. Barbara will make her Chilibrew for you when you return to Mondstadt. You’ll also share a sweet moment in the Church Garden.


Mondstadt Holiday

Say that you will accept Barbara’s offer to treat your to a drink. “Fantastic Summer Serendipity Coral Sparkling Tea sounds pretty incredible.”This decision prompts Barbara to stop at The Cat’s Tail where she is surrounded by hungry fans. You can get rid of them; all dialog options should work. After you’ve crossed the Mondstadt bridge, you will take a walk alongside Barbara. The rest of your “date” is easy.

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Liyue’s Fiery Flavor

Barbara will love you for this ending. Chilibrew SpecialThen say You should separate.

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After looking for Barbara in Whispering Woods you will find her facing off against Treasure Hoarders that have taken a Liyue Merchant hostage. It’s a three-round fight with many enemies so make sure you do everything possible. Once the Treasure Hoarders are defeated the merchant will give you three rewards: Mora (or high-quality sweet flowers), Mora (or both).Liyue Chilibrew. Consider this option.

You will have to drink the entire thing, but it was fun!


Completely Cured

Tell Barbara what you think of Barbara Chilibrew SpecialThen, say you two You should stay together.

You will enter the Whispering woods as a pair, and you’ll encounter Uwe. He is a Treasure Hoarder who disguises himself as a hunter. Uwe was wounded in a monster battle and Barbara wants to heal him.

If you are faced with a difficult decision, choose to say “Hold on, Barbara. “Hold on, Barbara. He’s suspicious. We should take him to the Knights first.”

Uwe will turn hostile if he is provoked. You must defeat him quickly and speak to Barbara. Barbara is not happy about the whole thing. She will leave the forest, which results in this last painful photo.


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