Genshin Impact Gardening: Seed Dispensary & Planting

Genshin Impact Gardening: Seed Dispensary & Planting

Genshin ImpactVersion 2.0 will go live on July 21, 2021 and introduces a wealth new content. Teyvat’s adventures will be even more rewarding with the addition of new characters and quests.

One of these new features includes the ability to You can grow plants in the Serenitea potHowever, there are some prerequisites that Travelers must meet before they can gain access to the farmer’s lifestyle.

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World Quest: “The Art of Horticulture.”

Travelers should complete The Art of HorticultureWorld Quest will unlock the Seed Dispensary and unlock the new gardening feature.

To unlock The Art of HorticultureYou must first:

  • Reach Reputation Level 3 in Inazuma
  • Madarame Hyakubei can provide Naku Weed

After completing the form, Madame Ping will send you the Seed Dispensary device. The Art of Horticulture.

The Seed Dispensary

To gather seeds The gadget tab of your inventory will allow you to equip the Seed Dispensary.. The Seed Dispensary will be equipped so that you can gather the appropriate seeds.

In the new version, you can also purchase seeds that have been purchased from the Seed Dispensary. Creatures of the RealmSection of the Realm Depot, located inside your Serenitea Potter

Screenshot via miHoYo

Purchasing Fields

Another section of the Realm Depot has been added. Riches from the RealmYou can also purchase sub-space waypoints and field plots at.

There are three types: Jade Field, Luxuriant Glebe?, and Orderly Meadow. Each field supports different seeds, so ensure you purchase the right fields.

Screenshot via miHoYo

Growing Plants

Once you have purchased fields, you can place them in your Serenitea pot from the decorations or landscaping menu. When you’ve set up a field plot it will appear as a leaf icon on your minimap.

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You can interact with the field to see the number of fields that are empty and the types of plants you can grow in them. Each field has four empty areasYou can only plant one seed in each empty area.

You can interact with the fields after you have planted a seed to show how much time it takes to grow that particular plant. Although you have the option to remove your existing plants to sow new seeds, these seeds will not be given back to you.

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