Genshin Impact: Expeditions

Genshin Impact: Expeditions

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Genshin Impact has been downloaded millions upon millions and is getting tons of praise. There are many things to do in Teyvat. They can be used in cooking and Ascending your characters. You can use them in cooking or Ascending your characters! Adventure RankGenshin Impact’s ability to perform well is influenced by your rank. Expeditions can be obtained once you have reached a certain rank. What exactly are Expeditions?

Unlocking Expeditions

Expeditions can be unlocked once a player reaches Adventure Rank 14. Expeditions can be used to gain resources and materials while doing nothing. You can send away certain goodies from your vast, unlocked collection of characters for a time.

How to use Expeditions

You will find the locations in two regions: Mondstadt, Genshin Impact, and Liyue. Expeditions will unlock two regions in each region. This number will increase with time, however.

A screenshot of the empty Expedition in Genshin ImpactA screenshot of the empty Expedition in Genshin Impact

The area’s are represented by a circular shape with a plus symbol within it. You can click on any of these areas to open an information window. It will show you the background of the area as well as the rewards for sending characters there. Time is an important resource in GenshinYour characters can be sent away for a short time (between 4 and 20 minutes). You get more rewards the longer your characters are gone.

Stormbearer Mountains, for example, offers the reward of a Sweet Flower as well as a Bird Egg. Here are the rewards you get for every time you send a message:

  • 4 Hours – 1 Sweet Flowers and 1 Bird Egg
  • 8 Hours – Between 2-3 Sweet Flowers and 2-4 Bird Eggs
  • 12 Hours – Between 4-6 Sweet Flowers & 4-6 Bird Eggs
  • 20 Hours Between 8-12 Sweet Flowers, and 8-12
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A screenshot of the Expedition rewards in Genshin Impact.A screenshot of the Expedition rewards in Genshin Impact.

After you have selected the time limit, in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you will see a button that says “Select Character”. The Select Character button will be pressed, and a new window will open to the left. This is where you’ll choose the character to take part in the Expedition. Be careful not to use characters you are familiar with; never use a character that you don’t use often. Click on the desired character and the Expedition will instantly begin.

A screenshot of a character going on an Expedition in Genshin ImpactA screenshot of a character going on an Expedition in Genshin Impact

This should now show the character’s visage. The bottom right-hand screen should now have a recall button. However, this only works if the character has been clicked. The recall button will bring the character home. However, there are no rewards.

You will see the number of Expeditions available at the top-right corner of your screen. Like other things, your Expeditions will increase in number as you play the game. However, at the beginning, there are only 2 Expeditions available.