Genshin Eula Team and Best Build Award, plus More!

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Eula, the eagerly awaited actress, will be joining the cast of the film on May 18. Genshin Impact. Heralding from the Lawrence family—yes, the Extremely tyrannical Lawrence family—Eula is met with scorn no matter how hard she works as Captain of the Knights of Favonius. Eula, a Cryo visionary and claymore holder, is a must have for anyone. Genshin Impact player. You can pull the 5-star star character from “Born of Ocean Swell” bannerAct fast in the Wish system The banner ends on July 6,, 2021Eula will be much harder to obtain!



Eula is similar to Diluc and is considered a “greedy” character. Eula is able to clear out mobs by herself and deal huge damage in a short time. Claymore users are more likely to hit and swing slower than claymore users, but Eula has unique speed abilities that allow her to wipe out enemies quickly. Eula can move as though she were fighting with a sword, rather than a claymore weapon. This makes her a great party member for any skirm.

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Best Eula Build


We recommend that Eula is equipped withSong of Broken PinesThis increases Physical Damage by 20.7 Percent, increases attack by 16%, and has a stunning starting base attack at 49 Song of Broken PinesYou can only get it through the Wish System.

Eula can also be used with the following weapons:

  • Skyward Pride(5-star, base ATK of 48, provides powerful vacuum attack
  • Snow Tombed Silver(4-star base ATK of 44 with additional Cryo damage
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Eula prefers the best artifacts. Pale Flame setThese can be found at the Ridge Watchdomain (northwest Dragonspine). Physical Damage can be increased by 25 percent with the 2-piece bonus. The 4-piece bonus stacks additional ATK gains with Elemental Skill and increases the 2-set effect 100%.

Eula: Best Team


Eula is well-suited to the Main DPS role, so you’ll want him. You should be able to provide support for your daughter.These characters can also be paired with Eula’s Cryo abilities to create elements.

Hydro characters are useful for doinguse foes in water, and then freezing them with Cryo.Eula excels at dealing with Physical Damage, which gives her an opportunity to shatter frozen foes. We recommend TartagliaA Sub-DPS can do a lot of harm. BarbaraYou can rely on his healing abilities to keep your team moving even in the most challenging mobs.

Combining Electro and Cyro will result in the “Superconduct”, which reduces enemies’ physical resistance and deals additional AoE (widespread Cyro damage). FischlNo matter what team you’re on, Oz, her winged companion, is an excellent choice for your character. KeqingDue to her lightning-fast moves and flashy attacks, she is another great Electro character.

Combining Eula’s Cryo attacks and the skills of a Pyro Character will allow you to “Melt” enemies and increase your damage output. YanfeiCatalyst user – a smart choice for players who want to attack from a distance and then move in as Eula to complete the job.

You can find more information about Eula at Genshin Impact: Eula Skills, Talents, Constellations, Ascension. You can also take our What is your Genshin Impact Vision? quiz or read up on Genshin Impact 1.6 Leaks, New Characters, and Release Date.

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