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Genshin Impact Ellin, the Wannabe Knight Commission

You might be able to get Ellin, the Wannabe Knight as a Daily Commission Quest by logging in to the game. This commission requires players to destroy training dummies within 2 seconds. It sounds simple, but it is not. It all depends on where and how many dummies you have.

You must first go behind the Knights Headquarters to find Ellin. Then, you will need to help her with her training. Ellin offers two types of challenges. One is to destroy all the dummies within 2 seconds. The second challenge is to explode the dummies and destroy them in under two seconds. Although the dummies will vary for each challenge they can be found in three different forms: 5 dummies per line, 6 semi-circles or 6 dummies divided into two groups.

After you have destroyed the first one, all the dummies must be destroyed together. However, you can weaken the other dummies to make the task easier. It is easier to complete this quest if you have characters at high levels and most of your constellation unlocked. However, we do offer some tips to help you make it manageable.

  • For Challenge 1 – 3×2
    • Hit all six dummies until they become weak. Then, you can stand between two sets of dummies. RazorTo destroy one set, you can use Q’s elemental burst(Q), and then jump quickly over with E.
    • You can then use Amber to make all dummies. Elemental SkillAfter exploding her puppet, switch to Lisa to use her AoE attack on the second set.
  • Challenge 1-5 in a row
    • VentiYou are the best person to use this one. You should make sure that you weaken as many dummies as possible without destroying any. Then, hold his Elemental Skill in front the first dummy and then light the fire! All of them should be possible!
    • Same process as above, Amber or Bow users!
    • KaeyaThis can also be done with the’s Elemental Skill
  • For Challenge 2 – Explosion!
    • You can create large swirls by simply lighting the brazier using a fire skill, and then charging elemental Anemo skills. Elemental ReactionTo destroy all practice dummies.
    • Alternativly, you can also light the brazier using a fire skill and then hit it with an Electro skills to activate Overload. Overload can hit every dummy with enough range!
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There are many ways to accomplish this task, but make sure the dummies have been weakened before you begin! As two seconds isn’t a lot, overall it is not too long! Please let us know how it went and we will keep the list updated to help other people!


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