Genshin Impact – Does it have spyware?

Genshin Impact – Does it have spyware?

Genshin Impact has just launched, and users from all over the world have been giving it a go. Despite the fact that every launch is not perfect, the general reception has been positive.

Some people have posted on social media that Genshin Impact was full of Spyware. The anti-cheat system that it uses is the main reason people claim it contains Spyware. Anti-cheat access requires kernel-level permission. It continues to run in the background even if the game is stopped. Anti-cheat software raises suspicions that it may be used to collect data.

Update: Anti Cheat should not be run after the game has been closed

After closing Genshin Impact, the anti-cheat on PC appears to have been removed.

Some players had reported that Genshin Impact client would open in the background when the game was opened. The anti-cheat program would then continue running after the game was closed or uninstalled.

This problem has been fixed. Once the game client has been closed or uninstalled, the anti-cheat program in the game will cease immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will do all we can to prevent similar issues from ever happening again. Furthermore, we will continue optimising our workflow to offer the highest quality gaming experience to all our travelers.


It is known as “mhyprot2.sys”. You can stop the service from running in the background even if the game is not currently playing. To check if it is running, type cmd query mhyprot2 into the Command Prompt. Just type cmd in the Windows search bar to open the Command Prompt.

Type sc start mhyprot2 in cmd to stop the service if it is still running. You can also open up a Notepad file, and type sc end mhyprot2. Next, save it as and name it stopmhyprot2.bat. You must save it as a.bat file. After Genshin Impact has been closed, you can run the.bat file to perform the cmd process.

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The anti-cheat service remains even though you delete the entire Genshin Impact game. You can uninstall the entire service by going into Command Prompt (cmd) but this time right click the app in the search box and select “Run as administrator”. Once cmd is open, type in “sc delete mhyprot2” to delete the anti-cheat program from your system.

A pciture detailing how to open up Windows 10 Command Prompt as an AdministratorA pciture detailing how to open up Windows 10 Command Prompt as an Administrator

While it is still unclear if this is data collection or speculation, the fact that the service remains active even when Genshin Impact is down is cause for concern. MihoYo is yet to make a statement regarding this issue but they will hopefully do so soon.

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