You’ll find a multitude of quests to complete as you explore the world of Teyvat. There will be more quests as you explore the world of Teyvat. You will always find rewards and loot when you complete these quests.

Chi of Guyun

The Chi of Guyan can be considered a side-quest. Genshin Impact. You will need to take a few steps and solve puzzles that involve statues. This guide will help you get it done quickly.

Part 1

You start the quest by speaking to an NPC called Yan’er in the ruins at Northern Liyue. She’ll tell you to explore the ruins that are guarded by the Ruin Hunter. Defeat the Ruin Monster, and you’ll have to interact with the incomplete writing. You will be instructed to investigate the area. Next, you’ll need to defeat more enemies as well as interact with three statues that are near the orange-colored crystals. When you’ve activated all three statues, you’ll see a Precious chest appear near the incomplete writing. Follow the instructions to talk to the locals. Qingce Village.

Granny Ruoxin can be found near the top of the village. You are instructed to search for fragments within the vicinity of other statues.

First Fragment


The first fragment is located at the summit of a hill west of the village close to a shrine called a waypoint. You’ll then have to interact with the incomplete writing and solve the puzzle of the statues. You will need to activate them in a certain order to locate the fragment.

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The center one is the first to be chosen, then the far right. The third one is to the center’s left, and the fourth one is to the right of the center. The last one is to the left. Once the chest appears, you will be able to collect your fragments.

Second Fragment


The second fragment is located on a tall hill west of the city. Qingce VillageYou will find it on a hill high with bamboo. Just like with the first shrine, you’ll have to interact with the incomplete writing and activate the stones in a particular order. If you’re facing north, start with the one in the center, followed by the one in the south-east corner near the bamboo fence. Then, you can move diagonally to the one near the wall with the orange crystal beside. The final one is facing the green tree and is also close to the wall. You can then grab the fragments, and return to Granny Ruoxin.

The Vault


You’ll then have to make your way to the vault behind a waterfall to the village’s northwest. To the right of the waterfalls is a cave that you can access. Go past the gate, and you’ll have to defeat many enemies, including a few Ruin Guards and a Ruin Hunter. After they are defeated, you can search for the treasure and grab the loot.

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