Genshin Influence: Bug allows for a party of five

Genshin Influence: Bug allows for a party of five

July 3, 2022 Off By

Genshin Impact now has a bug that allows for 5 characters to be active. FaydeCSGO demonstrates the bug on the Genshin Impact Subreddit. Although it can be done on PC, the process is complicated and involves many steps. So we’ll walk you through it!

  • The first step is to kill the person you want as the 5th character. This can be done by jumping from a tall cliff.
  • You will need to hit the dead characters number by clicking their portrait. Alt-click the main menu to continue; this step is really the hardest.
  • The third step is to replace the slot 1 dead character with a new one, any character but preferred one.
  • The fourth step is eating any food that brings back a deceased character (eggs, steaks, etc.).

If everything is done correctly, you’ll see that there’s a fifth active member of the field you can switch between. This bug is in action! It’s not easy to do, but it’s possible.

You can now combine 5 elements to create greater damage-dealing potential, which gives players more options. elemental combos and reactions. It’s a very interesting bug. We don’t believe it’s been in the game for too long, especially since update 1.1It is right around the corner. The bug will be available to you up to November 11, but there might be a hotfix for tomorrow.

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