Genshin Impact Ayaka Team and Best Build!

Genshin Impact Ayaka Team and Best Build!

Princess Ayaka is the daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan. She is elegant, refined, as well as cunning and strong. Ayaka is the elder brother and head of her clan. She is loved by her people and is a great friend. Ayaka, a lover of poetry and arts, is also an expert swordswoman and enjoys practicing on falling snowflakes.

Ayaka is a Cryo and Sword users with five starsThe drop rate of this product will dramatically increase during the “The Heron’s Court” Wish banner duration. “The Heron’s Court” will be available starting at July 21, 2021 to Aug 9, 2021

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Ayaka is ideal for a sub-DPSAyaka can do a lot of damage by herself, but it is best to work with other members of the party. Ayaka’s combat moves are inspired by the brutal beauty of the samurai. Ayaka also has an alternate sprint that only Mona shares. The princess of Inazuma can cut through her foes with elegance, and is as strong as she is fast.

Ayaka offers two main build paths:

  • Elemental Queen (prioritize Cryo skills and Elemental damage)
  • Brute Force (prioritize Critical Rate and Attack stats)

Ayaka: Best Build

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Make sure that the weapon you choose complements your playstyle when equipping Ayaka.

If you plan to You can rely on Ayaka Elemental Cryo skillsConsider these factors Mistsplitter ReforgedA five-star sword featuring a base ATK (48) that increases Elemental Damage 12 percent for each element. The sword increases Elemental Damage by stacking elements.

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If you prefer Increase Ayaka’s normal damage output, and recovery rateSend her a message Aquila FavoniaAnother five-star sword (base ATK of 48), that increases ATK 20 percent and can even regenerate health after taking damage.

Ayaka will be able to use these weapons, as 5-star weapons are difficult to find.

  • Black Sword (4-star, base ATK of 42, increases Normal and Charged Attacks by 20 percent)
  • Iron Sting (4-star, base ATK of 42, dealing Elemental damage increases all damage)


Ayaka’s best choice of artifacts is the Blizzard Strayer set (also called IcebreakerYou can also get them from the Peak of Vindagnyr domain (Dragonspine). Cryo damage is increased by 15% with the 2-piece bonus. The 4-piece bonus significantly increases Critical Rate when attacking enemies affected by Cryo.

Ayaka can be used as a brute force character that prioritizes attack over Elemental Skills. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence instead. The 2-piece bonus in this set increases Attack by 20% The bonus of 4 pieces is available when you cast an Elemental Skill. It sacrifices energy for normal, charged, and plunge attacks to increase by 50 percent each for 10 seconds.

Ayaka’s best team

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Everyone’s favorite magician does not just work. MonaHydro is a combination of Ayaka’s Cryo skills and Hydro. Froze enemies in placeAyaka (Mona) and Ayaka (Ayaka) also have the ability to travel underground fast! Combine these two characters to immobilize your foes. Navigate the battlefield quickly (and style).

Pair your favorite Pyro characterAyaka uses her Cryo abilities to create the Melt This effect deals Elemental Damage to foes at an increased rate. You could also opt for Electro characterCreate a SuperconductThis reduces the opponent’s Physical Defense and spreads Ayaka’s Cyo damage.

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FischlThis is an excellent choice for players looking for an Electro, bow, support character, or other type of character. KeqingAnother Electro character with remarkable speed is the one and only Electro. Genshin ImpactCharacter who can keep up to Mona and Ayaka.

Finally, you cannot go wrong when adding Anemo charactersAdd Anemo to your arsenal. Anemo can be mixed with any element to create the SwirlReaction, pushing the primary element’s effects further into the field to cause AoE damage. If you were lucky enough, KazuhaIn the last Wish banner, Ayaka, another sword-user, will make friends with the wandering samurai.

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