How to unlock Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates domain in Genshin Impact – Araumi cube puzzles

How to unlock Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates domain in Genshin Impact – Araumi cube puzzles

Once you have reached the Cleaning out defilementsThe goal of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing CeremonyWorld quest: You will be asked to solve a mystery. barrier puzzle in Araumi’s underground ruins. You can also find a separate cube puzzle unrelated to this quest by heading left from the Araumi ruins.

You can access a convenience store by solving the cube puzzle Teleport WaypointAlong with a direct route to both, Perpetual Mechanical ArrayThe boss and the hidden domain Empty Boat at a Thousand Gates.

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How to solve Araumi’s first underground cube puzzle

Place your hands directly in front the five cubes. Hit the default cubes in the order listed below.

  • Bottom left
  • Bottom left
  • Top right
  • Top right (again).

Log out immediately if you have any problems with the order.

Completing this puzzle will award you with a Precious Chest, and a passageway into the ruins. Swim until you see a staircase that you can climbYou can take stamina breaks by sticking to walls, and you’ll find the second cube.

How to solve Araumi Underground Cube Puzzle 2

Five cubes are arranged in a straight-line. This puzzle is even easier than the original: it only requires five cubes. Double-hit the middle block.


A Precious Chest 2 will be revealed, and all the other ruins will be submerged.

Explore the ruins for a Teleport Waypoint. Perpetual Mechanical Array, and Empty Boat at a Thousand Gates domain.

You can complete the Genshin Impact Sakura Aborism quest finding all of the Sakura treesYou can read more about the next upcoming Wish banner.

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