The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact is quite large and will only get larger with every new region that the game adds in future upgrades. The next region unlocked are the Dragonspine snowy peaks. However, there is a rumor that Electro may be in the works. Inazuma in development.

All Statues of the Seven Locations

Statues of the Seven, which are nine of the seven located around Teyvat, are important locations in Genshin Impact. These not only show the area around the map, but also allow you to trade Oculi for more stamina and heal your party members if necessary.

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In MondstadtThere are four Statues of the Seven. This means that there are five in the area. Liyue region. The map below will show you where each one is located. We recommend that you get to these Statues of the Seven quickly if you’re a new player to Genshin Impact. They will make it so much easier to reach areas.

A screenshot of the map in Genshin Impact, showing off the lcoations of the Statues of the Seven.A screenshot of the map in Genshin Impact, showing off the lcoations of the Statues of the Seven.
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The Statue of the Seven’s most important feature is the ability to change the element of a Statue in the two regions. To use the Geo element you must interact with one of the Statues of the Seven in the LiyueYou will need to use the Statues of the Seven to return to Anemo. Mondstadt.

Statues representing the Seven act also as fast-travelYou can always return to waypoints quickly if there are enough Oculi to give them. stamina. Genshin Impact makes it easy to have stamina. This is especially true when you’re trying to climb or swim. Resonance StonesTo find these Oculi faster! Every Statue comes with a health pool. They can replenish your health until it is empty. You don’t have to worry, the pool is replenishable over time.

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