Everyone is excited about the upcoming update to Genshin Impact update 1.1, as the hype is growing. 1.1 includes a lot of new content and additional characters – Zhongli and Childe, Xinyan and Dionna – as well as more places to explore. The new character Ganyu, a female Cryo user, has been revealed. Although it is doubtful that she will be updated, her leaked combat skills mean she will most likely be playable. We now have all information about Ganyu.



Ganyu, a new character, is coming to Genshin Impact. She is an unknown Star rarity but is 100% a Cryo element User, and uses a bow for her weapon. This lady appears for the first time in the Archon Quests Chapter 1 Act 2: Farewell to the Archaic Lord. If you haven’t yet met her, she is the secretary for Ningguang (also known as Lady Qixing). Update 1.1 will be available in November. We’ll all dive deeper into Ningguang’s storyline so Ganyu is a great option.

You should take all of this information with a grain-of-salt, because things can change.

Information on the Genshin Impact 1.2 update and Ganyu, check here. Our early tutorial will show you how to drop Ganyu once update 1.2 is landed. farming guide for Ganyu!

Ganyu Combat Talents

Normal Attack

You can perform up to six consecutive shots using a bow. She charges with a precise, aimed shot that increases the amount of damage she deals.

Elemental Skill

Ganyu leaves behind one Ice Lotus. Ganyru turns around and walks backwards, shunning all impurity.

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Elemental Burst

Ganyu Coalesces snow and atmosphere frost to summon an Ice Soul GEm, which exercises evil. The Ice Soul Gem’s ability duration is continuous. It will constantly rain down shards on ice and strike enemies with an AoE.

Below you will find a detailed information screen! Many thanks to Demone KimAnd ZenietThis information is available!

A leaked screenshot of Ganyu's full combat talent informationA leaked screenshot of Ganyu's full combat talent information


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