Genshin Impact 2.5 will be available in a few weeks. There is already a lot of exciting information. Each update includes at least two new character banners as well as tons of events. This includes the long-awaited Inazuma Character.

MiHoYo isn’t always able to give out a lot of information on the upcoming versions in a timely manner, but they do confirm new characters. Yae MikoIn version 2.5, it was confirmed that she will make her debut as five-star catalyst. She is joined by a Raiden Shogun The rerun is likely to occur because the two are close friends in the story.

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A bartending Event is also being rumored to be new enemies These are likely to be found in Enkanomiya. It seems like 2.5 will be more focused on smaller eventsMiHoYo, who is busy with the development of Sumeru And The Chasm.

Rumours also suggest that Kazuha He may rerun the show, but fans are skeptical because he isn’t as close to Yae. Be aware that this information is not definitive and has not been confirmed by MiHoYo.

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