Genshin Impact continues to enthrall travelers with expansions to the world of Teyvat—from new characters to weapons and exciting events to keep everyone on their toes.

You can see this collection of leaked content from the game’s Version 2.3.3. Keep in mind: Take leaks with a grain-of-salt and remember that there are often changes between beta server and release..

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Genshin Impact 2.3 Release date

Genshin Impact’s Version 2.3 update is scheduled for Nov. 24, 2021. This schedule is subject to changes, but it’s consistent with Genshin Impact’s six-weekly update.

This is our rough estimate of when updates should be available. Any updates after Update 2.3 are purely speculation based on the six-week update plan so far. MiHoYo hasn’t released another roadmap.

  • Version Update 2.3—Scheduled for Nov. 24, 2021, and will run until Jan. 5, 2022.
  • Version Update 2.4—Scheduled for Jan. 5, 2022, and will run until Feb. 16, 2022.
  • Version 2.5 Update—Scheduled for Feb. 16, 2022, and will run until March. 30, 2022.


The New Characters

Genshin Impact confirmed via its official channels, that two new characters would appear in Version 3.0.

Arataki Itto—Five-Star Geo Claymore

He is fast as the wind, and powerful as thunder. He is an intrepid man who has Oni blood running through all his veins.


You can find all information about your character, including Arataki Itto Skills, Constellations, and Ascension Materials, we’ve got you covered.

You can have him as your tank if you are ready. Arataki Itto’s best build?

Gorou—Four-Star Geo Bow

He was born with a strong fighting instinct and can prevail even in the most challenging moments.

Gorou is home to a vast and reliable soul.


You can find all information about your character, including Gorou Skills, Constellations, and Ascension Materials, we’ve got you covered.

You can have him if you wish. Gorou best build.

These two additions are likely to decrease during the Second banner on Dec. 14, 2021. They’ll introduce a new Defense meta as well as many opportunities for Geo team comps. Currently, there’s no information On the first banner to be released on Nov. 24, 2021. But speculations hint at an a possible Albedo rerunDue to his relevance in 2.3 Events.

New Weapons

Two new weapons were leaked in Version 2.3.

Redhorn Stonrthresher – Claymore

  • Base Attack: 46
  • Secondary Stat: 14.4 % Crit Damage
  • Passive Ability – +20% Defense Normal and Charged Attacks increase defense by 28 percent.
  • How to get:Limited Weapon Banner
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Cinnabar Spindle (Sword).

  • Base Attack: 41
  • Secondary Stat: 15 Defense
  • Passive Ability – +40 percent Elemental Skills Damage This effect is activated 0.1 seconds after Elemental Skill has dealt damage. It will then go on cooldown for 1.5 second.
  • How to get:Enjoy a Free Entry to the Dragonspine Event

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New Artifacts

The leak states that these Artifacts are not available for farming in the current in game Domains. Players can therefore expect a new Domain to be introduced in Version 3.0.

Divine Chorus

  • 2-piece: +15% Healing Bonus
  • 4-piece: Healing effects produce a Healing Bubble HB once every 3 minutes. As characters heal, it will accumulate Stacked Healing. After three seconds, the HB explodes. It heals all nearby characters with 50% of SH (with a maximum healing value of 30,000), and deals damage to nearby enemies with 90% of SH simultaneously.

Husk of Opulent Wishes

  • Defense: +30 percent
  • Geo Damage on-field Geo characters: +6% Defense and +6% Geo Damage This stacks once every 0.33 seconds, with a maximum of four stacks. The set grants one stack for every three seconds when it is off-field. One stack is lost every six seconds when it’s not in use.

New Enemies

Version 2.3 will introduce a whole new set of challenges. The update will include an expansion on Version 2.1’s Corrosion buff and Version 2.2’s Healing debuff. This will increase the need for healers during team comps.

Golden Wolflord—World Boss

The Riftwolf king. The attacks of the Golden Wolflord can cause stacks to the “Corrosion”, which will cause all characters in the party’s HP to continue losing. Rifthound Alphas will be summoned by the Wolflord to provide shields for it when in combat. Use Geo DMG to attack the Rifhound Alphas and destroy the Golden Wolflord’s shields.

To defeat the Golden Wolflord, players will need to use ranged DPS characters. It drops the Rifthorn Royalia, which is a leak says is one of Aragaki Itto’s Ascension materials.

New Abyss Lineup

This floor description leaks can help you get a jump start on preparing for the Abyss.

Floor 9

  • Unknown Enemies
  • Ley Line Disorder. Characters will be struck by a lightning strike every five seconds. This can cause Electro Damage. As the challenge progresses, its range of attack will increase.

Floor 10

  • Unknown Enemies
  • Ley Line Disorder: A Leader will be chosen from an opponent. The Leader will be given +10% Physical and Elemental Resistance by the Attendants. They also have their HP boosted by 5 percent each 12 seconds.

Floor 11

  • Enemies:
    • 11-1
      • First Half
        • Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl
        • Hydro and Electro Samachurl
        • Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard
        • Hilichurl Fighter
        • Hilichurl and Electro Hilichurl Grenadier
        • Cryo- and Pyro Hilichurl Gun
      • Second Half
        • Nobushi: Jintouban and Hitsukeban as well as Kikouban
        • Treasure Hoarders – Gravediggers: Seaman, Crushersman, Marksman, Marksman, Pyro, Hydro and Electro and Cryo Potioneer
    • 11-2
      • First Half
        • Frostarm Lawachurl
        • Large Pyro (Cryo), and Hydro Slime
      • Second Half
        • Kairagi: Dancing Thunder & Fiery Might
        • Nobushi: Jintouban and Hitsukeban as well as Kikouban
    • 11-3
      • First Half
        • Hydro Mimic Frog, Flinch. Boar. Ferret. Crab. Crane.
        • Hydro and Anemo Specter
      • Second Half
        • Ruin Crusher
        • Ruin Defender
        • Ruin Scout
  • Ley Line Disorder: All party members are responsible for +60% Geo Damage and Physical Injury
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Floor 12

  • Enemies:
    • 12-1
      • First Half
        • Thundercraven Rifthound, (Electro).
        • Thundercraven Rifthound (Electro),
      • Second Half
        • Rockford Rifthound, (Geo).
        • Rockford Rifthound Whelping Whelp (Geo
    • 12-2
      • First Half
        • Geovishap
      • Second Half (enemies based on the Maguu Kenkis of the Vagabond Events from Patch 1.6
        • Maguu Kenki – Lone Gale
        • Maguu Kenki – Mask of Terror
        • Maguu Kenki, Galloping Frost
    • 12-3
      • First Half
        • Thundercraven Rifthound, (Electro).
        • Ruin Destroyer
        • Ruin Defender
      • Second Half
        • Rockford Rifthound, (Geo).
        • Ruin Cruiser
        • Ruin Scout
  • Ley Line Disorder

The New Name Cards

Name Card collectors will be thrilled to learn that at least three new Name cards are coming in the update, according to the leak.

  • Aragaki Itto—Oni Face
  • Gorou—Leisurely Hound
  • Battle Pass—Travel Notes: Lyratum

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Get a new pet

The event will reward players with a pet ninken, a ninja dog, as well as a new pet. Hachi. It is not yet known if it will explore Teyvat together with the player, or if it will stay in the Serenitea pot.

The Latest Furniture

The Leisurely Device Rhythmic Sprinter will let players play parkour games with their friends in the Serenitea Pot! You can view a leaderboard to keep track your wins and losses.

New Hangouts

While Beidou and Gorou’s Hangout events will be available with the new Version of the software, the content of the stories remains unknown.

Event News

The best part of any update is undoubtedly the event list. This will decide the content that will keep players busy over the next month.

Shadowed Snow and Dust

This exciting event is part 2 of Albedo’s story quest starting in Version 1.2, Chalk Prince & the Dragon. This will allow players to return to Dragonspine where they can take part in various training and battle instances. There’s also a new Snowman-building function.

Each Snowman has eight parts, which players can trade with their friends. To receive the Cinnabar Spindle, a free four-star weapon for players to build, each Snowman must be constructed.


Hachi is an event which will introduce a new mechanic to the game. The Omni-Ubiquity Net allows players to capture creatures in the Overworld that can live within the Serenitea Pot.

Misty Dungeon, Realm of Light

Version 1.5 saw the first Misty Dungeon run. Version 2.3 will likely see a rerun. A predetermined list of characters can complete seven trials. Elemental Resonance will not be available to them during the event stages. Their Constellations will also be based on their existing characters. Players can use characters that they don’t have in the event trials.

Golden Wolflord Event

While there are no clear details concerning this event, it’s most likely an introduction to the new Golden Wolflord World Boss—much like Azhdaha and the Thunder Manifestation’s release in previous Versions.

Stay tuned for more information, leaks, guides, and updates here at Check out our guide if you have landed on Tsurumi island. How to unlock the Moshiri Kara Inazuma Domain in Genshin Impact.


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