All Moon phases and effects in Minecraft

All Moon phases and effects in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Moon is a constant presence. The Minecraft Moon rises at night to mark the end of a day. It goes through phases, just like the real Moon. You may not realize that these phases can have significant effects on things in-game.

Moon Phases

Minecraft has eight phases for the Moon. These phases are:

  • Full Moon
  • Waning Gibbous
  • Third Quarter
  • Waning Crescent
  • New Moon
  • Waxing Crescent 
  • First Quarter
  • Waxing Gibbous
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The phase of the Moon can affect certain systems, such as mob spawn rates or difficulty, depending on how they are performing. Every day, the Moon cycles through its phases. If you have a Full Moon one night, it will be a Waning Gibbous on the next. In Minecraft, a complete lunar cycle takes eight days. 

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Difficulty rises

The Moon phase determines how difficult the game is internally.

  • Full Moons increase the difficulty factor by 1.0 or 100%
  • Gibbous Moons can increase difficulty by 0.75 or 75%
  • Quarter Moons increase difficulty by a factor between 0.5 and 50%
  • Crescent Moons can increase difficulty by 0.25 to 25%
  • A New Moon is a time when the difficulty does not change

The above will cause the difficulty to increase, which is a value hidden in the game. This will affect how many damage they do, if they spawn with items or armor, and how much your health is affected by starvation.

Zombies are more adept at breaking through doors of higher difficulty. Villagers are more likely become Zombie Villagers after being killed by Zombies. Zombified Piglins are more common near Nether portals. Strays and Skeletons are more precise, Phantoms spawn in greater numbers, and poisons last for longer. Lightning can also cause more fires. Slimes in Slime Chunks as well as Swamps will spawn larger and more frequently.

Other Lunar Effects

The bigger or more expansive the Moon, the more Skeletons will likely pick up the dropped items. Additionally, they’ll spawn with more enchantments on their armor. In Hard mode, it’s more likely that spiders will spawn with status effects, like Invisibility. Final note: 50% of all cats spawned during a Full Moon are black. Wait for the full moon to get a black cat.

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Slimes is another mob that is heavily effected the moon. See the video. How to get Slimeballs in MinecraftFor more information, visit

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