FTL Ship Tier List (June 2022) (Ship Rankings)

FTL Ship Tier List (June 2022) (Ship Rankings)

You are looking for FTL Ship Tier List 2022 in order to find the best ship for improving your gameplay? Then you have come to the right place. We will be discussing a complete FTL Best Ship.

Tier List Update – May 30, 2022

FTL Ship Tier List (Ship Rankings)⇩

After looking through so many FTL Ship Tier Lists on the internet, we decided to put one together and post it here. We have broken down the 28 ships into five main levels based on their total power. While ships are roughly equivalent in power, they can also be ranked within tiers. It was difficult to rank ships within different levels, so these ships should be considered approximately equal in strength.

The ships were rated on a hard difficulty level with the goal to defeat the rebel flagship and win the game as efficiently and effectively as possible. Boarding ships with a teleporter doesn’t gain extra weight due to their ability to rack up high scores in the game (though we have actually factored in the extra scrap and other rewards we get from boarding).

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Also, the ranking was based on the assumption that experienced players use these ships to their best ability. In other words, low-skill ships like the Engi A don’t gain as much weight because of their ease of use. This is a subjective ranking that we have made based on our opinions. The readers of this Faindx website already know that we prefer gunboats over board ships. While we tried to not influence this ranking, we believe personal biases play a role in the process. Let FTL ships be ranked.

FTL Ship Tier ListFTL Ship Tier List

S Tier – FTL Best Ship >>

S FTL tier list best ships right out of the hangar, can get ludicrously OP once more equipment & crew is acquired check below the complete list.

S FTL ShipTier List
Lanius BTier – S
Crystal BTier – S
Zoltan BTier – S

A Tier – FTL Ship Tier List >>

FTL Tier List already has some great ships, but it needs more equipment and upgrades to make them even better.

A FTL ShipTier List
Kestrel CTier – A
Stealth ATier – A
Fed ATier – A
Kestrel BTier – A
Slug CTier – A
ZoltanTier – A
Mantis BTier – A
Rock BTier – A

B Tier – FTL Ship Tier List >>

B FTL tier list good ships once certain equipment & more upgrades are acquired

Ship B FTLTier List
Crystal ATier – B
KestrelTier – B
Lanius ATier – B
Mantis ATier – B
Engi CTier – B
Rock CTier – B

C Tier – FTL Ship Tier List >>

C FTL tier ships are average, and require skill and luck to unlock their full potential.

C FTL ShipTier List
Engi ATier – C
Slug ATier – C
Mantis ATier – C
Fed BTier – C
Zoltan cTier – C

D Tier – FTL Ship Tier List >>

D FTL Tier List Not Very Good Ships that Require More Serious RNG To Make Actually Work

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D FTL ShipTier List
Fed CTier – D
Stealth CTier – D
Mantis CTier – D

F Tier – FTL Ship Tier List >>

F FTL tier list is for terrible ships and nearly impossible to win in the game

F FTL ShipTier List
Stealth BTier – F
Rock ATier – F
Engi BTier – F
Slug BTier – F

We hope you have many ideas about the FTL This advanced edition ship list tier list will help you find the best ships to enhance your gameplay. This FTL Tier List is a great resource. You can also check out our other game tiers by clicking the link below.

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