Update! (May 2022)

Update! (May 2022)

You are in the right place if you want to get free Amazon Gift Card Codes. We have covered all of the available codes for Amazon gift cards. By using these codes, you can reap the ultimate benefits.

Amazon is a well-known brand that almost everyone has heard of. Amazon is slowly expanding into new markets. Amazon Pay customers can use Amazon Pay to buy digital products such as Amazon gift cards, mobile recharges, train bookings, e-books and electricity bill payments.

AmazonPay, in short, is competing with other payment apps such as PhonePe, Paytm and GooglePay. AmazonPay provides exciting cashback offers for many services.

Also, Amazon Gift Cards Codes are really helpful to get free cashback and other offers so now let’s start the free Amazon gift cards codes list.

Codes Update – 19th May 2022

Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes 2022 >>

Amazon Gift Cards CodesRewards
100PRIMEThis gift card code can be used to save as much as 10%
1010LLPLANSGet 10% Amazon Discount with this Gift Card Code on Retractable Colorful Highlighters
10ORKUJQGet up to 10% Amazon Discount when you use this gift code for VersionTECH headphones
10PRIMENOWGet $10 off your order with this gift card code
19GIFTCARDGet $15 Amazon Credit by using this code for a gift card
505GTQTNGet up to 50% off your purchase of toys for kids by using this code for a gift card
5078FXK7This gift card code can be used to get a 50% discount on brushes
507BFF5DGet 50% off Christmas wrapping bags by using this code for a gift card
509DKV3OEnjoy a 50% Discount with this Gift Card Code
50WESTERNGet 50% off your purchase by using this code for a gift card
558S4TWQUse this gift code to get 55% off Christmas hats with bright lights
605R2Q2XEnjoy up to 60% Discount on Earphones Products by using this Gift Card Code
6067FG7GTake up to 60% off your order of cables organizers by using this gift code
654ZHO8LGet up to 65% Amazon Discount on Wireless Phone Chargers by using this Gift Card Code
804H6O25Take 80% off your Christmas pillows by using this gift code
80WJJMI8Get up to 80% off retro consoles by using this code for a gift card
AMZOFF3KTake 30% off your Lenovo Lenovo Yoga 3 laptops by using this gift code
BUDS30Get up to 30% off Bluetooth earbuds with this code
Clip CouponUse this gift card code and get Up to 30% Off Select Tech, Kitchenware, Household Goods & More
CLIP2COLLECTGet up to 10% Discount on Amazon Sellers and Fashion Category with this gift code
CLIPCOUPONGet up to 25% off your purchase of kitchen and home accessories by using this code for a gift card
CLIPTOCOLLECTGet up to 20% Discount on Electronics by using this code for a gift card
CODESHEREUse this code to get a gift certificate and discounts
Collect CouponThis gift card code can be used to save upto Rs 1000 on Electronics
COOLGet 70% off your purchase of power banks by using this code for a gift card
COURTNEY3Get 70% off Coupons with this Gift Card Code
CRINGEThis promo code can be used to get an additional discount on your gift card
DECAPPLEGet a $10 gift card for free by using this code
DININGGet 15% Discount by using this code for a gift card
DOMINOSGet $7 off your purchase by using this code for a gift card
DOT2PACKYou can get 2 Echo Dots 4th Gen for as low as $ 50 using this code for a gift card
EATS21Get $7 off your purchase by using this code for a gift card
GIFTCARD2021This gift card code will get you $15 off your first purchase of a gift card
HOMESHOP10Get up to 70% off the Home Shopping Spree Sale by using this code for a gift card
HONGDAK5Get up to 70% off with this gift card code
JIFFY20Get $10 Amazon Prime with this gift code
JLZEFGGTEnjoy 10% Discount with this Gift Card Code
JOEMAMAThis gift card code can be used to save money
MASTERCARDAYGet extra savings with this gift card code
No couponThis gift card code can be used to get discounts up to 70%
No CouponUse this code for a gift card to receive a $12 Amazon credit
PEPEGTGet 15% off with this gift card code
SHOP30CCGet a gift card code to get a discount of up to 80% and an additional 30%
SHOW102PACK Get an additional $100 off your Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) by using this gift code
Amex: Change default payment methodGet $10 instantly when you use this link
TBYB10This gift card code will get you $10 off any order over $ 50
THANKYOUGC21Get $5 off your Amazon purchase by using this code for a gift card
Amazon Prime Video – WatchGet $5 Amazon Credit when you try this.
XDDGet an additional discount by using this code for a gift card

Some Other Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes & Rewards >>

Amazon Gift Card CodesRewards
9DPX-3N54KY-EYQEGet 20 Rs. Free!
B3UJ-X6UMK6-VNP7Get $20 Free
BBA4-8TWHPB-RKBKReceive $10 Free
BCKA-X7RC74-RU9YGet 20 Rs. Free!
BRQ6-B8QW63-HHNKReceive 10 Rs. Free
BXB4-GUHKYM-XG8UGet $20 Free
BZ6V-BU5U5V-QFGEGet $20 Free
DANG-8NJRDH-G86YReceive 10 Rs. Free
ENUF-HKRBEJ-GDMHReceive 10 Rs. Free
GTV5-6KJ9YN-4S33100 Rs. Free!
K7XH-XNUYF8-7FYXReceive $10 Free
PAUH-TWNRX8-N78BReceive $10 Free
T6FW-FGCRDK-Y4KNReceive 50 Rs. Free!

Redeem Amazon Gift Card Codes Guide >>

Free Amazon Gift Cards CodesFree Amazon Gift Cards Codes
Amazon Gift Card Codes Free

If you don’t know how to redeem Amazon gift card codes so don’t worry here is the complete guide to redeem the amazon gift card codes.

  • Sign up or log in for your first Amazon account.
  • Go to the Gift Card Rebate webpage.
  • Or directly go with this link – amazon.com/gc/redeem
  • You can copy and paste a gift code into the box.
  • Now check your gift card and hit the “Apply to Balance” button.
  • Finally, you have successfully claimed the balance of your Amazon gift card.
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Get Amazon Gift Card 2022 >>

Amazon Gift Card codes and gift cards can be easily purchased from the official Amazon website. Here are the steps for buying an Amazon gift certificate.

  • First, open Amazon App
  • Click on the 3 horizontal icons at the lower right corner.
  • Now, click on AmazonPay
  • After opening the AmazonPay homepage scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • We will be looking at several gift cards options under the Gift category.
  • AmazonPay E-Gift Cards
  • You can choose any option from the Amazon Pay Gift Card Store in this section.
  • Generally, the 1st two options Add Gift Card & E-Gift Card are used frequently by normal Amazon users.
  • You can also purchase Amazon gift cards using an eGift card.
  • Select the occasion/relationship you wish to purchase.
  • We chose, for example, the Amazon Pay eGift Card to Friends.
  • Next, enter the minimum amount of ₹10 and select the delivery option from these 2 options Email and Share via a link through amazon.
  • You can also copy the Faindx code or have been gifted the gift code, then choose the Add Gift Card option.
  • Enter the code in the 14-digit range and the amount. Click on enter.
  • The balance will be added to your AmazonPay balance.

Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes >>

Here are the top ways to get Amazon giftcard codes free of cost

Free Amazon Gift Cards CodesFree Amazon Gift Cards Codes
Amazon Gift Card Codes Free

Play Online Games >>

Online games are great fun if you enjoy them. You can play for points in exchange for PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards.

AppNana and Swagbucks offer this system. Play online games, download some apps, and watch videos.

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Also be sure that you read and accept the terms & conditions from these gaming sites. You can play games on these sites and receive an Amazon Gift Card free of charge.

Take Online Surveys >>

Consider taking surveys instead. Many websites allow you to easily survey various themes. You can submit an opinion survey to receive points that you can redeem for Amazon gift certificates, other retails, and PayPal payments.

However, there are some disadvantages. For example, accumulating points can be time-consuming. Gift cards are usually small. Surveys are simple but take time. This is useful if your home is boring. You want to make some extra cash out of boredom, so this is the best option.

Note – These survey sites can lead to spam being loaded into your mailbox. We recommend that you set up a separate email account for survey purposes.

Security is not to be underestimated. Remember that data can be as valuable as money in a large tech company.

Share Recommendation >>

Sign up for an Amazon Associates account to start your blog and receive a free Amazon Gift Card. Amazon Associates can share affiliate links in articles and posts. The blog owner gets a small percentage of any sale made via affiliate links. This can be in the form of Amazon Gift Card Codes or cash.

This method takes effort. Gift cards can feel a bit expensive, but you can still start a blog and enroll in Amazon Associates.

It is possible to make money with a good reader base or viral posts. This is a great way to earn more Amazon Gift Cards.

Purchase Foods >>

You can get gift cards to purchase food. Ibotta lets you purchase food at your local supermarket. Simply take a photo of your receipt, and then use the Ibotta app to send it in.

Ibotta app returns cash as a PayPal payment, or Amazon Gift Card. These are the best ways to get Amazon Gift Card free.

ReceiptHog also works in the same way, offering transactions as well as requesting receipts after purchases. Virtual coins can be used to purchase cash, Amazon Gift Cards or magazine subscriptions.

Receipt Hog offers some of the best non-grocery discounts, but groceries are often needed so it may be the best way to get your cash back.

Watch videos and Get Free Amazon Gift Cards >>

Here are some best websites that gives you free amazon gift cards codes so now let’s start the list of some working apps that are easy to install and use.

  1. Earnably
  2. Cash Panda
  3. QuickRewards
  4. YesMobo
  5. irazoo.com
  6. Roz Dhan
  7. OneAd
  8. App Trailers
  9. inboxdollars.com
  10. MooCash

Top Websites to Get Amazon Gift Cards Free >>

These are the best websites that offer Amazon Gift Cards for free

Swagbucks >>

Swagbucks can be described as a search engine that is similar to Google and Bing. But, unlike Google and Bing, Swagbucks allows you to earn coins for searches you perform on the internet. You can also print coupons and complete surveys to make online purchases. After that, they will give you some Amazon gift card codes.

Shopkick >>

This online program has a points reward system also known as kicks. It is very easy to use. You get free points for entering pharmacies, grocery stores, and the mall. You can redeem a $2 gift certificate from any of the mall or supermarket stores by collecting 500 points or kicks. Shopkick is available on both iOS and Android.

Fetch Rewards >>

This program is amazing and rewards you with points you can exchange later for Amazon gift cards. This app is easy to use. Simply scan your receipts from stores such as Target, Walmart and Safeway. This program also gives you points for making online purchases.

  • You can get a $3 Amazon gift certificate by collecting 3k points
  • The Fetch Rewards app can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices.
  • Only available in the USA, this Fetch Rewards.

Ibotta >>

Ibotta offers rebates on products purchased in nearby supermarkets. You can get a rebate at many stores, including Albertsons, Walgreens Walgreens Safeway, Walgreens Walgreens Safeway, Walgreens Walgreens Safeway, Safeway and QFC. Also, CVS. Home Depot. Lowes are some of the most popular.

Toluna >>

Toluna, one of the most popular survey sites in this area, offers a free way to obtain amazon giftcard codes.

Registering is free and the site offers more than paid surveys. There are product reviews, contests and even a daily bonus. You can redeem points for Amazon gift vouchers or money Paypal.

Bananatic >>

Bananatic can also be used to redeem free Amazon gift card codes. You will earn points by playing Bananatic. Once you redeem your points, you can get prizes, skins, and Amazon Gift Card codes.

In addition to testing the game in Bananatic, you can also buy online and download some other application that for “level up” with further use. This allows you to earn more points per activity and get amazon gift cards for free.

Microsoft Rewards >>

Microsoft is waging war against Google and will pay you more to do so. This program is free and you can earn points just by searching the Internet.

Sign up to start using the Bing search engine. Additional points can be earned through daily quizzes or other mini-games within the Microsoft Rewards program.

You can win an amazon gift card. However, the options for gift cards are limited.

You can redeem points for movies, subscription programs, and gift cards to Amazon from the Microsoft Store.

FAQs >>

Below are some questions and answers about Amazon Gift Cards Codes.

Q. Q.

Amazon gift cards can be used in the same way as Amazon balance. A company called ACI Gift Cards LLC has created Amazon gift cards.

Amazon gift cards that you own will automatically be added to your Amazon account.

You can also shop and make payments using your Amazon gift card.

Q. Q.

Amazon gift cards come in three main types.

  • eGift Cards
  • Physical cards
  • All-Time Gifts Cards

Q. Q. Can we use Amazon gift cards anywhere?

No. Amazon Gift Cards cannot be used for other purposes.

Amazon Gift Card Codes can be used to get free items.

Q. Q. How do Amazon Gift Card Code Generators Work?

We don’t believe it will work. Although there are many fake generators of amazon gift card codes on the internet, most are not real.

It is also very difficult to find the amazon gift card codes generator tool. Don’t forget that gift amazon gift card codes generator is illegal so you should avoid them.

Conclusion >>

We hope you enjoy this post with free Amazon gift card codes. We covered all aspects of this free Amazon gift card codes post. amazon.com.

This amazon gift card codes post may be helpful to you. Please share it with your loved ones so they can also benefit from the amazon gift cards codes.

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