Fortnite’s Worst Guns in the Game List – The Weakest Guns You Can Grab!

Fortnite’s Worst Guns in the Game List – The Weakest Guns You Can Grab!

We need to be negative about Fortnite: Battle Royale. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous guns. Although a gun might be considered the worst, that doesn’t make it ineffective. I am just focusing on which guns you immediately drop in your arsenal when you see another weapon.

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Update (7/14/18). Fortnite has seen a lot of changes recently. While most guns in Fortnite are decent, the following are the worst. The SMGs can be a valuable addition to your arsenal and are a great option as a second weapon. Even the Minigun is worth having around, as it can be used to spamming down walls or pressuring your opponents (especially in Squads).

Fortnite’s Worst Guns: Battle Royale

This is not to say that these guns can’t be used, but they can be easily replaced by better weapons. Sometimes I’ll refer to the rarity or quality of a gun. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall gun is bad.

Common Pistol

A very weak gun, with poor accuracy. It is often abandoned at the first sign that there are any other guns. It would be fine as a close-range weapon if shotguns weren’t available, but shotguns are far superior.


It is difficult to use and requires precision to make functional. The gun seems to bloom immediately after the first shot, unless you are completely still and/or crouching. It also has a slow firing rate, so you will need to land a headshot or make sure your opponent misses you as you set up your shots.

You are usually outclassed by shotguns, faster weapons, or other weapons that can damage your health like an smg and assault rifle.

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Hand Cannon

Although it’s unfortunate that the Hand Cannon is so poor at the moment, the gun is not worth the risk due to the high damage rate and the fact that you don’t have any other options. While it’s better than a Revolver, it’s not as good as a normal pistol. While the Hand Cannon is useful when you have sufficient time to fire shots from cover, it’s not worth much unless you are taking headshots.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle may not be terrible but it isn’t great if you are a fervent sniper fan and don’t have a Bolt-Action option or Hunting Rifle. It’s difficult to use and does not do much damage when you land a shot. The body shots do only 63 to 66 damage while head shots are very powerful. You would probably rather fire an assault rifle to cause the same amount damage and land a few shots. Once you fire at enemies, they will be very difficult to hit. You can’t stay out of cover, and you are vulnerable to being shot by anyone who is paying attention.

Gray (Common) Burst Assault Rifle

Because the blue and green options are acceptable, I am highlighting the rarity. Unfortunately, this gun’s common variant is very poor. It does very little damage per hit and it is difficult to land more than one shot at an enemy. It is unpredictable and can fire anywhere. You have to rely on luck and your opponent not moving in order to get shots. The gray version is the most prominent, although not all burst options are good.

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