Fortnitemares (Halloween) 2019 – Release Date, Skins, Leaks

Fortnitemares (Halloween) 2019 – Release Date, Skins, Leaks

Fortnitemares 2019 is right around the corner! We’ve gathered all the information you need to be ready for the launch. Let’s take a look at what the event will include, including leaked skins. Fortnite’s biggest Halloween bash is here, so don’t miss it!

Fortnitemares 2019 Release date

Fortnitemares 2019 Event will be available at 9AM ET on October 29, 2019.

Event Details

The Fortnite map’s middle island has some ghoulish creatures that have spawned on it. It has been corrupted. You can fight the Storm King LTM evil ghouls to get sweet cosmetics. You’ll be awarded a trophy if you can defeat him. new Umbrella! You can also complete challenges to earn a loading screen spray, banner icon, or a banner icon. Here’s a complete list of all the challenges as well as a guide to how to complete them. here.

THE STORMKING CHALLENGES. Squad up with you Friends and face him in the Storm King LTM to stop him from destroying the Island! (Your courage, skill and determination will be rewarded with a special umbrella.

You will also be able participate in Fortnitemares-themed Creative maps! There will be at most four of these and there will also be a set of challenges you can take on which will give you Back Board styles. Learn all about these challenges here here.

Leaked Trailer

Leaked Details

The PlayStation Store gives us a glimpse at Fortnitemares.

Fortnite is under attack by ghoulish creatures and an old evil has taken over the island. It’s time to band together to survive.

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Fortnitemares 2019 Leaked Skins

Although Fortnitemares’ cosmetics are mostly out, there’s still plenty to look forward too. Some encrypted skins are also possible. There are many other possibilities. Zombie Soccer SkinsEpic might still have some surprises for you, considering that they were leaked just hours before their release.

Ghoul Trooper Returns

The long awaited return to Ghoul TrooperIt is most likely that it will take place at some time. Two new skin styles were introduced to the skin. The pink skin appears to be the “OG”, which was given to players who had the skin in the past.

Released Skins

These are all Fortnitemares-related skins that were released. All of them are likely to be back in the item shopYou will get them at some point.

Fortnitemares Wallpapers 2019

These wallpapers will help you get in the Halloween spirit and brighten up your desktop.

Desktop Wallpapers

Mobile Wallpapers