Fortnite Wolverine Challenges – How to get Wolverine!

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges – How to get Wolverine!

It looks like the comic-book hero in six-clawes. WolverineFortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, this is your secret outfit! Although this outfit is not new, most players will be excited to get Wolverine! We’ll be sharing some tips and locations with you to help you find the right places and what to do.

The Fortnite Wolverine Challenges are still to be revealed. Here’s a list we have so far.

Some challenges may not be available at the moment, and others are still in development. While it’s possible for leaked challenges to change, that does not happen often. In future patches we’ll have an opportunity to discover the rest of these challenges.

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Wolverine Challenges Guide

This guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to successfully complete these challenges.

Examine three strange claw marks

You’ll need to find three total claw marks. The first is located on the western side at the northern end of Weeping Woods.

The second claw marks can be found on a boulder located just south from the first lodge. You can find it in a small pond, which is easy to miss if your head towards this location.

The RVs will be parked in the lot to your east. You will see the bright green one, and Wolverine has caused extensive cosmetic damage.

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HarryNinteyFour is the author of the screenshots in this post. You can see his video below that shows you where to go.

Earn the Berserker Barrrage! Spray to complete this challenge.

Look for the Loading Screen image at a Quinjet Patrol website

The Battle Bus will be in motion at the start of each match, and the Quinjets will be flying around it. You can see the jets on the map eventually as a white icon. If you look for the blue smoke, you will also be able to see where they land from the sky.

Once you arrive at the Quinjet, head to the back and you will see the loading screen. You will be able to complete the challenge by pressing the button below.

Quinjet loading screen in gameQuinjet loading screen in game

For this challenge, you will need to earn the Adamantium Slash loadingscreen.

Locate the Wolverine’s Trophy at Dirty Docks

Go to the very south end of Dirty Dock, and enter the building. The purple Wolverine Trophy is located on a shelf in one room. You may not be able see it if there is no one else. You will get a lot of back bling if you interact with it!

For those who get lost, you can find the video here:

For completing this challenge, earn the Wolverine’s Trophy backbling

Without touching the ground, all Sentinel Hands can be launched

This will take place in the Sentinel Graveyard. There are a lot of large robots that have been destroyed and litter the area. Here’s how you can complete the challenge.

Complete this challenge and earn the Ferocious Wrap

Locate a Trask Truck Transport Truck

This is an easy challenge. One of the first small cutout POIs to be added had a truck with Trask Industries logo on it. It can be found east of Coral Castle and northwest of Doom’s Domain. You will only need to get near it to complete the challenge.

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Map to Trask Truck location in FortniteMap to Trask Truck location in Fortnite

For completing this challenge, earn The MCG (Wolverine Vol.2 #45) style.

Wolverine defeat

Wolverine now appears in the Weeping Woods area and Slurpy swamp. He is always looking for something to fight and will charge at you if you try to get too close. He is a very unique boss encounter. Because he does not have any henchmen nearby, he can be taken on by one person. Although you can shoot at him from far away and high up, it is not advisable to fight him up close. If you defeat him, you’ll be able to use your Wolverine Claws to perform some very serious moves. He spawns randomly in the wooded areas that lie between the POIs. Here’s a map.

Wolverine spawn location map in FortniteWolverine spawn location map in Fortnite

For completing this challenge, earn the Wolverine skin

Wolverine Claws 200: Damage

This challenge will require you to kill Wolverine, and then get his claws. Although 200 damage is not difficult with these, you can be exposed and get shot up. The dodge ability can be useful to avoid fire. This could be done in one of the Marvel LTMs.

To complete this challenge, earn the Weapon X emoji

Wolverine (100), a Wolverine, can help you regain your health.

Wolverine is known for his healing skills. He can heal from serious damage in a very short time. Put on the Wolverine skin, then return to game to recover your health using a med-kit and bandages.

Complete this challenge and earn the Wolverine claw badge.

This article will provide more information about the Logan design for Wolverine. guide.

Wolverine Rewards Liste

You will receive a new cosmetic each week if you complete one of these challenges. These challenges include a spray and loading screen, wrapping, style for a glider (emoji, banner) and the ability to equip Wolverine with adamantium claws. These cosmetics are listed in the order you’ll receive them for each challenge week.