Fortnite: Where is Dirty Docks? (Season 3)

Fortnite: Where is Dirty Docks? (Season 3)

This may be confusing for some, as Dirty Docks is virtually gone from the current map. If you’ve played in the previous seasons, you will know exactly where it is. We’ll show where Dirty Docks can be found on the map in Season 3.

Are there any dirty docks?

Dirty Docks are located east of Frenzy Farm, and can also be found in the ocean. It was submerged in water, which is why it’s not marked on the map. But if you look beneath the water you’ll find that it’s still there but just partially submerged. As the water levels drop further, we will likely see it exposed fully.

No doubt you are eager to finish the task. Aquaman challenge for week 4! Here are some additional details:

Swim Time Trial at Dirty Docks (1)

The swimming time trial will be located almost in the middle in the ocean to the west. You can just head northeast past the retail row and into the huge area of water which used to be Dirty Docks. Near the large crane you will see a glowing icon for a stopwatch. You can interact with it and swim your way through all the timers. To complete the challenge, you will need to jump in and around the water.

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