Fortnite Weather Update: Tornadoes, lightning, and Flare Guns!

Fortnite Weather Update: Tornadoes, lightning, and Flare Guns!

On Jan. 11, 2022, three things were released in a hotfix: Flare Guns, Lightning and Tornadoes. Although these changes have been rumored for a few weeks, there was no confirmation about when they’d come to the game—until now.

Flare guns are simple enough to understand. This weapon/tool can be used on Battle Royale Island only once every two Seasons. Its use is usually related to other updates. If you are caught in the middle of a storm and need to get help, a Flare Gun is a useful tool. You can fire the gun to send a flaming bullet around your surroundings, setting them on fire. The explosion creates a signal that will reveal enemy locations.

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Although tornadoes can seem deadly in real life they are just another type of strategy in Fortnite. You can be picked up by a tornado and lifted into the air. When you are ready, you can get out of the tornado and fly to a new place. If you wait enough time, the tornado will send you in an undetermined direction, and you’ll be able to land safely without suffering any fall damage. If you’re in trouble, these features make the tornado an effective escape strategy.

Lighting has its own benefits. Lightning can strike periodically under the dark clouds that are visible above. A small amount of damage can be done to your body if you’re struck. You will still be able to get a temporary speed increase, which is vital for securing a Victory Royale. By jumping in a body of water below the dark clouds, you can increase your chances of getting struck by lightning.

This is all you need to know about the surprise hotfix.

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