Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Course Codes List (July 2022)

Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Course Codes List (July 2022)

Our Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Courses List guide runs through the best options in Creative Mode for getting ready to play the game. These courses can be used to practice and prepare for battle. This list will be regularly updated to include new and improved courses, so make sure you check back often!

Best Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Courses

Here are the Best Fortnite Warm Up Codes:

  • Ultimate Warmup & Practice Map: 1198-7857-6250
  • Warm up Course Solo: 9597-1873-8450
  • Edit Piece Control and Aim Heating Up: 3917-0476-883
  • Warm up | Aims, Edits, Builds: 3925-1383-1933
  • Tryhard Edit Challenge
    • Part 1: (3692-0671-2791)
    • Part 2: 5044-1947-7391
    • Part 3: 7541-84990-7737
  • Pan’s Edit Season 8: 3859 9858-2109
  • Warm up course solo: 7954-8748-49443
  • 1v1 Edit Race 9124-5509-66253
  • Star’s Ultimate Edit Course: 1356 0099-8570

Ultimate Warmup & Practice Map

Code: 1198-7857-6250

Many players are discouraged from trying Edit Course maps because they contain the word “ultimate”. But, Ultimate Warmup & Practice Map by KevzterFortnite is truly a game that lives up to its name. There are many ways for players to practice their combat skills. There are three levels to Edit Courses: 1v1 skirmishes; piece control training and much more.

Get warm up to the course solo

Screenshot taken by

Code: 9597-1873-8450

Warm Up Course Solo, true to its name is best played on your own. This map requires you to be able to edit vertically. It is quite challenging. This map is ideal for Solos players who want to get into the zone and sharpen their combat reflexes.

Edit Piece Control and Aim Warm up

Image via JustsayWolf

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Code: 3917-0476-8838

Chapter 3 introduced many new mechanics in Fortnite Battle Royale. Players now have many new strategies and techniques. This map is one of few that takes the new game mechanics into account. This map offers a wide range of courses for its players, including Edit Courses to Sliding, Piece Control and your regular Warm Up edits.

Warm up| Aim, Edits, Builds

Code: 3925-1383-1933

Although the map’s developer is new to Fortnite map-making and has made a remarkable entrance to the creative scene. You have many options on this map to help you improve your Fortnite skills. Although this map’s design suggests that it is for players who are looking to get comfortable on their own, there are many edit paths available to you so you can compete with your friends and see who can masterfully edit each course.

Tryhard Edit Course

Previews of Tryhard Edit Courses in FortnitePreviews of Tryhard Edit Courses in Fortnite

The course consists of three parts. It can be used to practice editing. The course can be chosen by players to suit their needs. Try to finish each course in record-breaking time. Then, move on to next course when you’re ready.

Easy: 3692-0671-2791Medium: 5044-1947-7391Hard: 7541-8490-7737

Pan’s Edit Course Season 8.

Screenshot of Pans Edit Course Season 8 FortniteScreenshot of Pans Edit Course Season 8 Fortnite

Code: 3859-9858-2109

Pan_Go has been creating course for a while now, and many have been featured across multiple sites. They are always up-to date on the latest season. This is the latest edit course that they have made with new content for Chapter 2 Season 8 Fortnite. This course is simple and requires players to complete it in five minutes. Pan asks players to tweet him their records so he can add it to the scoreboards.

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Get warm up to the course solo

Code: 7954-8748-4943

Solo courses are great for Edit Maps. You can focus on your skills and not worry too much about trolling or competing. You set your own time limit and attempt to beat it in this course. You don’t need flashy routes and just want a daily warm-up? This map is the one for you.

1v1 Edit race

Code: 9124-5509-6253

Perhaps you prefer to compete with your friends, rather than taking it easy as in the map. This map is great to play with friends and see who can master Fortnite edits. The party leader is the one who finishes first!

Star’s Edit Course

A rainbow to an edit course in Fortnite.A rainbow to an edit course in Fortnite.

Code: 9860-5179-4527

The simple edit runs are not to be dismissed! This is quick (if you’re a fast editor) and easy, and perfect for getting your fingers ready to take on a day of Fortnite matches. It offers  basic extras and doesn’t make the map complicated. The edit run, a reset and free-build buttons are all available. Get editing!