Fortnite Visitor Recordings Locations Guide

Fortnite Visitor Recordings Locations Guide

The Fortnite Visitor Tape Recordings Locators Guide will guide you to locate all the tapes that you need to complete these Out of Time missions in Season 10. There are three challenges total and six tapes to find. We’ve got you covered! Below are maps and screenshots of where to find the locations.

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Collect the Visitor Record on the Floating island and in Retail Row (1)

This challenge will require you to locate the Floating island and Retail Row tapes.

Floating Island

To grab the tape you’ll need find where the island is currently floating. It can be found on the north side of the lobby.

The tape is located in the truck, which is parked in front of the building on the east side.

Retail Row

Visit Retail Row, the easternmost buildings often referred to by the black tops.

You will find the bookcases in the southernmost of these buildings. You will see tape on the carpet as you run up the stairs.

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Redeem the Visitor Record in Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove (1)

This challenge will require you to find the Moisty Palms as well as Greasy Grove tape.

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Moist Palms

The next tape is located on top of Moisty Palms Hotel. Be on the alert for props as players may be hiding under them!

It is right on the roof so be sure to land it there. It will be visible on the white bricks that cover the building.

Greasy Grove

This tape can also be found in Greasy Grove at the heart of the snow biome.

Head for the main taco restaurant and then head to one of the back booths. You can find the tape hovering above the table!

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Collect the Visitor recording at Starry Suburbs & Gotham City (1)

This challenge requires you to locate the Gotham City tape and Starry Suburbs.

Starry Suburbs

Look for the tallest building in Starry Suburbs!

The balcony is located in front of you. Try to land there. You can go right if you see the door. The door should be directly in front of your, next to the steps. There will be a bed in that room and a tape floating above it.

Gotham City

You can find Batman fighting crime at the Batcave! The tape, which will hopefully be the last, can be found right next the movie theater.

It will be right in front of you, so you won’t be able to miss it. Perhaps you can catch a show of The Final Reckoning?

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