Fortnite Visit Hayman and Greasy Graves Location

Fortnite Visit Hayman and Greasy Graves Location

One of the new challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Midas Mission is to visit the Agency, Hayman and Greasy Graves locations within a single match. To complete the mission, you will need to visit each of these locations in the same match. You will get 40,000 XP, which will help you level up and make it easier to complete your Battle Pass.

The following information is available on this page.

More information on this mission can be found in our Midas Challenges Guide.

Fortnite The Agency Locations Map

You can find the Agency, Hayman and Greasy Graves at these locations:

Because it is marked on the map, the Agency is easy to locate. These landmark locations can only be found by knowing the map or running into them. Once you enter the area, the Landmark name will appear on the screen.

Fortnite The Agency

You can find the Agency in the middle section of the map. You should be careful though, as Henchman might shoot you if you are landing in normal mode.

You can find the map coordinate E4 by simply gliding or taking a Choppa to get to this location.

Fortnite Hayman Location

Hayman is a well-known landmark at this point as it can be seen often on your way to Frenzy Farms. You can find him just southwest of Frenzy Farms. He’s a large target, so don’t miss it.

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Hayman, which is located at E4, is also near The Agency. However, it is northeast of that area so it is not too far. If you’re lucky enough, you can also grab the Choppa at The Agency and bring it over to the farm.

Fortnite Greasy Graves

Greasy Graves can also be found in Weeping Woods’ northern part. Greasy Graves can be found in the northwestern part of Weeping Woods. Hidden ChallengesThese were available.

Greasy Graves coordinates for the area are C5 and can also be found amongst the trees. They are quite large and likely you have seen them before.

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