Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations (14 Days of Summer)

Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations (14 Days of Summer)

The Fortnite Unicorn Floaty locations guide includes all the places you need to visit to complete this challenge. To complete the Search Unicorns Floaties At Swimming Holes challenge, you’ll need these unicorns!

This challenge is part of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer! These challenges will give you a variety of cosmetics and rewards. This particular challenge will award you the Neon Tropics Wrap.

Neon Tropics

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Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations

The challenge isn’t difficult if you know the right places to search. Only three of these locations are required to complete the challenge.

Map showing Unicorn Floaties locations

Thermal Pools – North West Sunny Steps

This one is in a large pool in the north east, and it’s just soaking in the hot waters.

Lazy Lagoon Dock

A hidden unicorn is waiting to be found under the dock that leads to the large pirate ship.

Loot lake

A unicorn is seen enjoying the calm waters of Loot lake in the northeast corner.

Fatal Fields

A unicorn can be found in the tiny fishing hole at Fatal Fields.

Big Oasis – West of Paradise Palms

You’ll see a unicorn swimming in the water of the desert biome.

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Lonely Lodge

This unicorn can be found enjoying the sounds of the small waterfalls at Lonely Lodge.

Paradise Palms Southern Swimming Pool

Another floaty can enjoy the sun at Paradise Palms’ southernmost swimming pool!

Sunny Steps

Another unicorn is found inside the Sunny Steps’ south western pyramid.

Unicorn Floaties Location Video