Fortnite The Scientist Secret White Style Guide

Fortnite The Scientist Secret White Style Guide

We have a quick guide to help you collect The Scientist’s secret white styles! Although you will have to first collect, once you’re done (or maybe already), it won’t take long.To get the new style, you will only need to visit a particular location on the map.

How to get the Scientist’s White Style

You only need to do two things, but the first can be quite time-consuming. First, you will need to collect all of The Visitor’s Tape Recordings. Next, you will need to go to Dusty Depot to interact with the console in their rocket room.

Step 1: Get all The Visitor Tape recordings

You will need six tapes to complete the task. Once you have collected the sixth tape you will need to exit the current game and open a new one.

Floating Island

To grab the tape you’ll need find where the island is currently floating. It is located on the north side, just in front of the lobby.

The tape is found in the truck that is parked in front the building on the east-side of the map.

Retail Row

Visit Retail Row, the easternmost buildings often referred to by the black tops.

Enter the building with the most bookshelves, which is the southernmost. The tape should be visible on the carpet if you climb up the stairs.

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Moist Palms

This tape is at the top of Moisty Palms hotel. Be on the alert for props as players may be hiding under them!

It is located on the roof. Make sure you land there. It will be visible on the white bricks that cover the building.

Greasy Grove

This tape is found in Greasy Grove at the heart of the snow biome.

Head for the main taco restaurant and then head to one of the back booths. You will find the tape hovering just above the table.

Starry Suburbs

Go to Starry Suburbs to find the tallest building.

The balcony is located in front of you. Try to land there. If you do, go inside the door and turn left. You will see a door in front of you, right next to the stairs. There will be a bed in that room and a tape floating above it.

Gotham City

You can find Batman fighting crime at the Batcave! You will find the final tape, which is likely to be the last, right by the theater.

It’ll be in the middle street so it will be hard to miss. Perhaps you can catch a show of The Final Reckoning?

Step 2: Take The Scientist Outfit Equipped to Dusty Depot

After you have all the tapes collected, make sure you outfit The Scientist to go into the game. Take the rocket to Dusty Depot.

Look for the console on the north wall of the depot as you enter the depot. It will allow you to interact with it. Once you do, your outfit will change to white and unlock the new style.

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