Fortnite Terms & Glossary – Learn the Origins of Some of Fortnite’s Most Common Slang

Fortnite Terms & Glossary – Learn the Origins of Some of Fortnite’s Most Common Slang

Our Fortnite Glossary & Terms guide runs through all of the potential slang you might find in the game while playing. While some of these terms are obvious, others may need a little more explanation. You can also use this guide if you are curious as to where certain terms originated.

Fortnite Terms & Glossary List

While I will try to explain the origin of each term, it is not always possible or obvious. Although some of these terms were created in Fortnite itself, many others are derived from shooting games from the past. Do a look at the page if you’re curious about a particular term.


You will battle another player 1v1. You can do this in any normal game. However, players can practice their skills in Playground 1v1.

1×1, One at a Time

This is the term for a structure constructed by a player. Each square is built up. MythFamous streamer Streamer – he was known for creating these and camping them to win. This tactic isn’t as popular anymore because most players are quite aggressive.


This refers to a particular technique for building that is the fastest way to reach high ground on a player. Two walls, a ground, and a ramp are required to complete a 90. Every section is flipped 90 degrees, and you repeat the process for each new section. Continue doing this until your enemy is defeated. For a better understanding of them, I suggest watching this tutorial.


ADS stands for Aim Down Sights. This is done by pressing and holding the right click or left trigger. This zooms in on the weapon’s aim and allows for a better shot.


AFK is for Away From Keyboard. This is computer slang that means you need to temporarily leave your computer or computer game in order to attend to something in real life.


Fortnite isn’t known for its many cheaters. However, the Aimbot is a popular cheat for shooter games. This 3rd-party program will aim for you and give you the perfect aim on people. It can be used to track people and perform various other tasks. You will be banned for using one of these devices in the game very quickly!

Bait, Baited

You bait someone or bait them. This means you tricked them into doing something that didn’t work out for you. You “baited” someone with a trap, which is usually a hunting term.

Big Pot

This is another name for the Shield Potion which grants you +50 Shield.


Fortnite uses bloom to determine where shots are once they have been fired. If your weapon has bloom, every bullet you fire will land in your crosshairs. Bloom can be reduced by either standing still or crouching. The most affected guns by bloom are the assault rifles and the smg.

BM or Bad Manners

This is a very common term in gaming. This is usually a term that refers to players who have gotten one over others and, instead of being positive about it, do something negative. It is when a player eliminates another player and then emotes or dances to taunt them. This is sometimes considered to be bad manners, or bm if it is done in an unsavory way.


Bot refers to a player that plays poorly. It is derived from other shooter games that allow you to add Bot players (computer-controlled), to a multiplayer lobby so you can play against them. Bots can be quite funny due to their inability to play well, predictably move, or getting stuck.


A buff is when something has been given more damage or increased power. A buff refers to someone who is strong and has lots of muscle. To get buff, you would lift weights and train to build strength.

Building Battle

Build battles are when one player and another player try to gain the upper hand by building quickly. The build battle doesn’t usually involve firing weapons. Instead, you focus on building faster and stopping other players from surpassing you. Very skilled players can quickly edit and build while engaged in a build war.

Bunny Hop

Fortnite is a rare game that allows you to speed up your movement by jumping at the right time in order to gain momentum. This was a popular Counter-Strike maneuver. Fortnite lets you kind of bunny hop after you exit your glider. This propels you forward quickly.

Bush Camper, Camper

The campers are more likely to remain in one place for the duration of the game and not move to help them survive. They will sometimes just build a 1×1 structure and wait in it until they see  an opportunity to get an easy kill. Bush campers are a special breed of camper who will sit in the bushes scattered around the map. This is a good strategy because it can be difficult to spot a player who is buried in a bush. Sometimes, you can get eliminated this way or make it to the end of a game without being seen.

Choke (Choking).

Choking is when you play poorly in high-pressure situations, especially when you have an advantage. If you are in a 1v1 situation at the end of a game, and you have high ground, you might miss a shotgun shot. That’s choking. It can also be described in a general way, as if you missed a simple snipe and choked the shot.


Cleverness is the ability to do your best in stressful situations. If you’re in a tight battle and hit an incredible shot, you’re clutch. This happens when you’re at a disadvantage but you win. It is like a basketball player losing 2-points and hitting a 3-point shot with 2 seconds left, but they were in control of the moment.


It is basically the same as going insane, goated, sick, or skilled. It seems to be gaining popularity. BughaFortnite Solo Player World Champion Championship was won by,


This is often used in conjunction with 90s as in “Cranking 90s”. This simply means that you do a lot of them quickly, and “cranking” them.

Desert Eagle

This is the name of Fortnite’s Hand Cannon. It’s also called the Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike.

Double Pump

This was an option that you could use with two shotguns, but it was nerfed. You would run the shotguns. Usually a pump would do, but later on you could run two heavy guns. You would fire one shotgun, then switch to the next shotgun to fire it. Then you’d switch back and forth. This was done in order to reduce the delay between when you fire your one shotgun and when it can be fired again. You will experience an additional delay when switching between shotguns that were fired recently.

Knocked or Downed

This is an enemy who has had their health taken away and can be picked up later by a friend. This is only possible in Squad and Duo games. Solo: If you lose all your health, you will be eliminated from the game.

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Dog House

A few houses are scattered around the map with a small doghouse nearby. The entire house is called a doghouse. Pleasant Park has the most prominent one.


A “dub”, which is short for W (weird I know), can be translated as win (getting a Win).


The Epic and Legendary Burst Rifles may sometimes be called the FAMAS. This is due to the fact that it is a Counter-Strike weapon and because the gun model in Counter-Strike looks exactly like the real gun. The gun is not listed as a FAMAS in the game.

Accuracy in the First Shot

You can either stand still or ADS (aim downward sights) for weapons that explode when fired. This will cause your crosshairs to come together. The weapon will automatically bloom when you move. Although it is generally not a good idea for you to stay still, there will be instances when you are able to get the jump on your enemies and take a little longer to fire your first shot.

FOV (Fields of View)

The field of view determines how much you can see on your screen. The competitive Fortnite community has been talking a lot about a FOV slider to allow players to have a better view of Fortnite while they play. This is what led to people using stretched resolutions. Fortnite’s FOV is fixed so everyone can play on the same level.


Good Game stands for GG. It can be used to compliment another player for a good match, or as a sarcastic comment about something that happened.

Ghost Peeking

Ghost Peeking is a popular way of hiding behind a ramp to fire shots at enemies. You would crouch down, then spam crouch to fire a bullet every time you stood up. Or you could jump and immediately hit crouch again in order to send more shots out. You would be very difficult to hit and could fire very accurate shots at enemies. This was (mostly) fixed in the game.

Goated, goated on the sticks

This is a term that refers to console gaming (X-Box or PlayStation, Nintendo) in particular. Goated is an acronym for “G.O.A.T.”The acronym “G.O.A.T.” stands for Greatest Of All Time. This term was often used to refer to sports players of the past. Michael Jordan, the NBA’s star player, is likely to be one of the primary targets. It is a joke that you are the most skilled controller user or have made some particularly impressive plays. A console controller typically has two control buttons. One is for movement, the other for moving the camera or aim. These are known as “sticks”; if you’re playing well with a console controller, you might be Goated on Sticks.

Harry Potter and the Secret Life of Harry Potter

Harry Potter was a young boy who lived in a tiny closet under Dursley’s staircase. You can get Harry Pottered in Fortnite by getting stuck under a player’s ramp or walls. You will most likely be killed by traps if you do this.

High Ground

This is pretty obvious, but you can control the high ground if you are above another player. This is crucial because the player with control of it is more likely to win the fight.


It is useful when you are trying to land a grenade in a narrow area. It can be used to throw an object or launch a bomb from a rocket launcher. Kobe Bryant was a well-known basketball player who retired not long ago. He was famous for taking shots from all angles, and making them.

Lag or Lagging

Lag is when the server slows down your internet connection and you are unable to use the controls in the game. This can make you an opponent against those who don’t have lag.


This is often used to do a lot of damage with an assault rifle, smg or other weapon. It is possible to “laser”, but it is rare because bullets can travel randomly.

LeBron’s House

This refers to the retail row house that has a basketball court attached. LeBron James, the basketball player, would likely live there as he could practice his game at home. This term can be used for any house that is near a court.


A loadout refers to the weaponry that you currently have. It is important to know what your ideal loadout looks like so that you can quickly find the right equipment and replace any items you don’t want. The following is a general loadout: Assault rifle, shotgun, SMG and Medkit.

Low Ground, Low Ground Warriors

A player who struggles to build and fights from below another player is considered low ground or a warrior. You can get very good at using the low ground in order to win fights if it’s done correctly.


This is a shorthand for Materials. This is the wood, brick, and metal that you can harvest during the game to use in building structures.


An abbreviation for everything that helps your health, such as medkits and bandages.


This is the shorthand for the Small Shield Potion. It gives you 25 shield when applied.


It is a reduction in power if something has been nerfed. This happens often with weapons that have been made mandatory for players. One notable example is the Compact Gun. It used to have a 50-round Magazine Size but was reduced to 40, lowering its power. Nerf guns are known for their soft projectiles and the term “nerf”.

There is no scope

Scoring someone does not mean you shot a weapon without scoping. It is often very difficult to do this because the shot without scoping is extremely inaccurate. Most often, this can only be done with sniper guns.

No Skin (Default)

A player who doesn’t have a skin is called a “no skin”. These players are often viewed as bad or new players. But, these players are now able to play without any skin, so their enemies may underestimate their abilities.

Noob, Newbie, Nub

There are many meanings for “Noob” or “Newbie”. A newbie is someone who is unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics and hasn’t yet learned them. A player who plays the game so badly that they feel like they have never played it before is referred to as a “bad player”.


Although I don’t often hear this, it is usually a sign that someone did something unusual or showed great skill. One example is that someone could feel the urge and launch themselves into a no-scope sniper shot. This would be considered a “nutty shot”. It could also be used in the context where a player completely outplays someone with high skill play. This could also be called nutty.


OG stands as Original Gangster. This is a term used a lot in hip hop and rap. Fortnite’s OG skin refers to a player who has been playing for a while or a cosmetic that is unique to someone who has been playing long enough. One example of OG skin is Ghoul TrooperIt’s because they would not have it if they were playing in Fortnite’s early stages.

One Pumped

One pump means that you were able to take out or get taken out of a pump shotgun by firing one shot.

One shot

This term is used frequently in play. This refers to a situation in which a player on your team has knocked down or eliminated an enemy player. You’ll often hear this term used and you will see that the enemy in question is far from being eliminated. This is what players say when they are hit on by another player.

One tap or just one tap

If you tap one player, it means you shot them and eliminated them in one shot. This is more common when you have a shotgun, sniper rifle, or both.

OP or overpowered

It is usually a sign that an item is not in balance with other items. The Drum Gun, for example, is considered OP by competitive gamers because it can shred walls and deal a lot damage quickly. This weapon feels out of balance with the other weapons, and it is therefore felt overpowered.

Phasing and Phase

Many players will complain about their opponents “phasing through” their builds. This is simply the opposite player being able to walk through a structure piece while it was being built. Sometimes this is due to lag or because the player built directly on top of it. Sometimes, the player will end up on your build.

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Ping can take on many different meanings. Sometimes, people will say, “I pinched off their shield.” This means that someone shot someone enough so as to break their shield. They have no remaining health. Nowadays, “ping” is more commonly used to refer to the Ping System. This allows you to mark an area that your team should be aware of. To show your team the location of loot, an enemy, or where to go next, you can place a marker.

The speed at which the game’s servers communicate with you is called ping. Lower ping is better because it gives you more information and allows you react faster. It also lets you input commands faster which are quicker interpreted by the servers.


Another name for the roof structure that you can place in the game is a pyramid. It’s a little triangle-shaped piece used along with floors, stairs, and walls. This piece can be used to pyramid someone. This structure is different from the others. It can be placed higher than the rest, making it great for blocking people who are above you.

Quick Scope

This applies mainly to sniper rifles. You can quickly scope the rifle and take a shot. This will make it much more accurate than shooting one without scoping (no scope). If you don’t have a scope, a sniper will be inaccurate unless the muzzle is inserted directly into the enemy. Fast scoping allows you to get closer to accuracy and allow you to shoot a decent shot at someone close by.


The acronym “resurrected”, is used to refer to a player who requires a teammate for help after they have been knocked down.


Fortnite Battle Royale is a game that you missed if you were not playing it in its very early days. One of the most famous viral clips of Fortnite was the one where a player jumped onto a rocket and could ride it across the entire map. This is known as rocket riding and can be used to launch your friend via a rocket or another projectile item.


This may sound odd but “rotating” is a way to get from where you are to a safe place within the circle (storm or poison). Some players plan rotations. They know exactly where they will land and how to get to the next spot. They are “rotating” towards the next area. This is also used to discuss enemy movements. For example, “Teams are rotating now.” This is a way that players move from one place to another within the zone. This knowledge can be used against them to stop the storm.


If you experience a lot of ping or lag in the game, your character may appear to move forward and then snap back to its previous position. Rubberbanding refers to the act of moving forward slightly while bouncing back.


It’s short for scrimmage and it’s how professional players prepare for tournaments. This is an older term used in other sports to simulate a game.


Epic introduced siphon into a LTM feature a while back. You would receive 50 health or shield every time you got an elimination. You were effectively siphoning health from the person that you eliminated. This was added to the regular game mode, but later became part of the competitive playlists. Epic removed this mode from the regular game modes and LTMs but it was retained in the arena mode and competitive playlists.

Spawn Island

Spawn Island, the area you’ll find before a game, is where you’ll be greeted. Here you’ll see other players from your team. You can interact with guns and other resource elements if your game has enough players. You can see the island from the main island that you are on in the game.


This can refer to rockets and grenade-launchers, but it can also be applied to grenades and other explosives. Any substance that has the potential to explode is called a splode.

Spray & Pray

This is a long-standing FPS/shooter game phrase. It refers to the player holding down their fire button on their weapon (spraying) and hoping it hits the opponent (praying). If you’re in panic and want to hit your opponent, you can just fire away and pray!

Stream Sniper

A stream sniper is a player that has watched a Twitch video or YouTube streamer and tried to join their game. If they succeed, they will be able to see the streamer’s location and try to eliminate them. Some stream snipers don’t even attempt to kill streamers, but will instead emote and jump up and down.

Stretched Resolution

It is somewhat controversial, but players would deliberately use a smaller resolution to fit onto their monitors. This can increase your FPS (focal point per second) if your computer is slower. It also increases your vertical FOV, or field of view. Your vertical FOV could be increased to help in tight quarters. You will have better vision vertically. Epic has made it harder to use stretched resolution in competitive modes.

Sweat or Sweat (Tryhards).

If players work hard and build their skills at pro level, they are called “Sweats”. This type of player is also known to wear skins similar to the World Cup Soccer SkinsOther low-profile female skins. Although this term is often used in a negative way, it’s ironic that high-tier players are the ones who accuse others getting sweaty.


It is usually used to indicate that a player has suffered a lot of damage or been hit by an enemy.


This is when you remove a player who was downed shortly afterwards. This is a good idea sometimes, but it can lead to frustration if you are fighting another player and trying to get rid of them. The idea of being “thirsty” to get rid of someone is what causes your thirst. You need fluids so badly that you are willing to go to any length to get them.

Tommy Gun, Thompson

These are the other names of the Drum Gun, which was quite popular in the game, but has been vaulted. The Gun’s real name in the real world is the Thompson Submachine GunTommy Gun is the common abbreviation. It is associated with America’s prohibition era. This makes it a popular name in pop culture. This was the time when Al CaponeThe Untouchables (Eliot Ness, etc.) Fortnite’s “drum” name refers to the attached circular “drum magazine.”


TTV stands to This is where many Fortnite celebrities stream their gameplay. This is used to promote their stream. TTV may lead to an increase in popularity and views if someone with this name is eliminated by a major streamer. However, this can backfire as people will make fun of you if you stream and make poor plays.


A vaulted item means that the item has been removed from the Fortnite: Battle Royale loot pool. It can occasionally appear in other modes but will not be available in Fortnite: Battle Royale or competitive play. The Vault is a place where items can be returned in the future. We’ve seen it multiple times.

This information can be found in our Fortnite Vault Guide.


Sometimes, you’ll see the term “wkey warrior” or holding down “w-key”. It’s not too confusing for PC gamers, but it may be confusing to console players. A PC Keyboard’s W-Key allows you to run forward. Someone who holds it down is aggressive and always runs forward. This term was popularized largely by the streamer Daequan.


This word can be used as a general term, or even as KOBE! This is when you throw a bomb or fire a projectile. You can also use it to send a shotgun or launch a projectile. It can be used to celebrate, or it can be repeated all the time by people who simply feel the need. It is not clear from me where it came from.

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