Fortnite Superpower Eliminations Quick Challenge

Fortnite Superpower Eliminations Quick Challenge

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The superpower eliminations challenge is a great way to get Fortnite Battle Pass levelled up. It’s a little difficult as there is only one boss in Fortnite Battle Pass that has superpowers you can use. You will need to battle players, henchmen and even a super hero to accomplish this task.

You will need to go to Doom’s Domain to complete the superpower eliminations fast challenge. You will find it where Pleasant Park was. It is the only place with bosses and real henchmen. This is where you’ll encounter Doctor Doom. You need to defeat him and then equip his powers. To complete the challenge, you will need to kill some of your opponents.

Doom's Domain map locationDoom's Domain map location

If you decide to enter Doom’s Domain you need to be wary of the henchmen who may be lurking about. To disguise yourself, you have two options: You can either jump into a phone booth or blast your way through. Doctor Doom can be found in the northernmost part of the map at the house where he has made his home. This is just north of the huge Doctor Doom statue, which can be found in central. He can use his powers and set fire to structures so be careful! You can equip any of his abilities to get rid of players once he is defeated. These abilities can be used on any remaining henchmen to count towards your total eliminations.

Doctor Doom is currently the boss of the map, and many players have been landing at the location. This makes this difficult challenge. To get the powers, you’ll need to fight players, henchmen, as well as Doctor Doom.

If you want to make things easier on yourself, you can jump into a bot lobby. While this allows you to only play against bots it requires you to have access on another device that can run Fortnite. Our guide has more information. guide.

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This challenge is frustrating right now, but it will hopefully become easier over time. There are many ways to make your season more enjoyable. lot of new bosses expected to be added to the mapThey are likely to take over a lot of the POIs. I would expect that every patch will have an updated POI, and possibly a boss with more powers.

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