Fortnite Sprays List (Chapter 2) – Spray Paint Skins, How-to Use Sprays

Fortnite Sprays List (Chapter 2) – Spray Paint Skins, How-to Use Sprays

July 5, 2022 Off By

Fortnite 4.0.0 introduced a new type of cosmetic in sprays. These are not the same emotes that you may be familiar with. Instead of being thrown in the air for a short time, they can be sprayed onto whatever surface your current aim at. You can find our complete list of Fortnite sprays and a quick guide to how to use them.

How to Use Sprays

These should be very easy to use if you have used any emotes and dances in the past. You can now equip one of these sprays to your slots. Once you are in-game, go ahead and press the following key depending on your platform: PC: B Key, XBox: Down on the D-Pad (directional pad), Playstation: Down on the D-Pad (directional pad). If only one item is equipped, the key will activate it. If you have more than one equipped, an arrow will be directed to the option that you want.

Sprays can be applied to any surface, depending on the direction you’re aiming at. Spray them on ceilings, walls and floors!

Chapter 2: Season 1 Promotional sprays

You can redeem the code to receive this set of sprays. The codes are limited and only available on Twitter.

Battle Pass Chapter 2: Season 1 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 10 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 9 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 8 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 7 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 6 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 5 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 4 Sprays

Fortnite Promotional/Challenges

These sprays are available through both promotions outside the game and challenges in various events.

Pandora, welcome

Fortnite 14 Days of summer 2019

Downtown Drop

Marvel Sprays

14 Days of Fortnite Christmas 2018

Send your love with Love Sprays

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