Fortnite Fountain (Not Mega Mall), Junkyard Crane, and Vending Machine Locations (Spray & Pray)

Fortnite Fountain (Not Mega Mall), Junkyard Crane, and Vending Machine Locations (Spray & Pray)

We’re taking a quick look at where-to find the fountain, junkyard crane, and vending machine for Fortnite’s Spray & Pray Mission challenge! This is an easy challenge. All you have to do is hit a few different spots and then locate a vending machines.

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Spray a Fountain, Junkyard Crane, or Vending Machine Locations

It’s not necessary to complete all of these tasks in one game. However, it could be done if you really wanted. It will be difficult to locate the vending machines because you cannot predict when they will appear in a particular location.

You can complete each challenge by simply spraying each target with a spray to mark it. These can also be found in the emotes wheel.

Fountain Location

Mega Mall was once the spot to go to for the fountain. However, now it is Retail Row. To find one, you can now go to Lazy Lagoon.

The fountain is located in the middle, directly east of the large pirate ship.

Crane Location

You’ll find the crane you want to spray on Junk Junction’s west side!

It’s quite hard to miss this landmark.

Vending Machine Locations

This is the most difficult part of the challenge. However, you may be able to spray the crane with luck. There are some spawning opportunities right below the crane.

You can also search for one near the large building to the east. You can also check the following locations if you are still having trouble finding one.

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Although these are the most likely locations where vending machine spawns, there is no guarantee that one will ever appear. It might take you looking in multiple places to find the one that has spawned in a particular match.