Fortnite Sniper Tips Guide (Season 9 Update) – Damage, Stats, Aiming, Bullet Drop

Fortnite Sniper Tips Guide (Season 9 Update) – Damage, Stats, Aiming, Bullet Drop

Fortnite’s snipers are the most difficult weapon class to master. Although they have a steep learning curve, once you are comfortable with the basics you will see your winrate rise. Our sniper tips guide covers the basics of the gun including the damage and stats. It also discusses bullet drop. Finally, we offer tips and tricks to help you improve your skill.

Sniper Damage Stats

The hunting rifle and crossbow can be classified as snipers, which is something most people know. Snipers have a 2.5x multiplier for headshots, so a bolt-action, heavy, & hunting rifle will finish off a target at any hp if you dome someone!

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle – Rare – 105 to body, 262.5 damage from head shots.
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle – 110 to the Body, 275 Head Shot Damage.
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Legendary – 116 damage to the body, and 290 headshot damage.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Uncommon: 75 to the body, 187.5 Head Shot Damage.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, Rare – 78 to the Body, 195 Head Shot Damage.

Storm Scout Sniper rifle

  • Storm Scout Sniper Sniper Rifle – 81 to body, 202 damage from head shots
  • Storm Scout Sniper Sniper Rifle (Legendary – 85 to body, 212 damage from head shots

Heavy Sniper Rifle

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle – 150 to your body, 375 damage from head shots
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle (Legendary – 157 to body, 392 damage from head shots


These Sniper-classed weapons were added to the VaultThey are not currently available in Battle Royale mode, but can be seen in LTMs (creative), and Playground. The Vault rotates weapons in and out to keep the game new.


  • Crossbow (Rare), 75 to the body, 187.5 damage from head shots
  • Crossbow (Epic), 79 to the body and 197.5 damage from headshots

Hunting Rifle

  • Hunting Rifle Uncommon – 86 to body, 215 headshot damage.
  • Hunting Rifle (Rare), 90 to the body, and 225 head shot damage.

Suppressed Sniper Gun

  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle (Epic) – 100 to the body, 250 head shot damage.
  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle (Legendary) – 105 to the body, 262.5 head shot damage.
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Sniper Aiming, Bullet Drop

Learning how to control bullet drop is the hardest part of becoming a good Fortnite sniper. What is bullet drop? The bullet arrives at the target instantly when you fire any other gun in the game. This is known as hit scan. Bullet drop is slower than bullet travel, and the bullet also drops towards the ground while it travels. This means you’ll need to not only time your shot according to your enemy’s movements, but also aim higher depending on how far you target is.

In the ’80s, snipers got a new bullet drop distance. 7.20 Patch:

These projectile-based weapons have now the same projectile trajectory and range as the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • Suppressed Sniper Gun
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Hunting Rifle

Because snipers behave the same way as heavy snipers, you’ll need to adjust your aim. This weapon has less drop than most other weapons, so you won’t need to aim as high in order to hit your shots.

Fortnite Sniper Tips & Tricks

Sniper Rifle Tips

  • The notches that are below your crosshair’s middle aren’t just there to be seen. These are useful for lining up shots over longer distances. If you are at mid-range (125m), the notch just below the middle crosshair is the best. Long distance enemies (125m-250m) will require you to use the notch in the middle of the first and second marks. Targets further than this distance are usually too far away to be seen so don’t bother using the rest.
  • Avoid semi-autosniper rifles. Although it is nice to fire lots of shots, it can lead to bad habits that could cause more harm than good. You can only hit a headshot with this rifle, but even then it’s not always going to be a good shot. When you have the choice, keep it simple with a bolt-action or hunting gun.
  • Quick scoping is when you quickly see the centre of your screen to get an idea of the shot’s location. It is dangerous to shoot without scoping at least quickly. It’s better to scope first before you fire.
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Hunting Rifle Tip

  • Hunting rifles are much more efficient to fire and can be quickly switched to the next gun. You can quickly switch to an assault rifle if you hit a shot.
  • Hunting rifles can bloom when they are moving. This means that it performs better when standing still. It can be accurate up to 99% if you are still still enough.

General Tips

  • Do not overthink your shots. It doesn’t make sense to take too long to fire, or to question your ranges. You will learn to line up the shot and then take it.
  • You should always be leading the fight with a sniper if you have one. Do not fire another gun, or cut down a tree to alert your enemy. When sniping, be stealthy. It’s easier to hit a shot when your opponent isn’t aware of you.
  • Shoot the easiest target! Although it may seem obvious, if you’re aiming at multiple people and notice that one person isn’t moving, shoot him. While a moving target might be more attractive, it is easier to see and you will get a quick knock that will lead your team to victory.
  • You can observe someone jumping and running for a few seconds to see if they are in a rhythm. Most people are very consistent in their movement. If they jump, they will usually land the same distance every single time. This is a good thing to remember and you can adjust your shot accordingly.
  • When you’re just getting started with your shots, it is important to hit the targets and not aim for your head. It’s better not to miss the shot than hit it over the head. The bolt action can also be used to finish the body. After you have mastered the art of landing shots consistently, you will want to hit the head for easy finishes.
  • Try to determine if you are hitting too many shots or not enough. You can check if your opponent is behind a wall to determine if there was damage. If so, your shot is probably too low. Although you can remain scoped briefly to see the shot, it leaves you open to sniper fire. This should only be done if the other person hasn’t seen you, or if they don’t have one.