Fortnite Skye Challenges Guide & Cheat Sheet!

Fortnite Skye Challenges Guide & Cheat Sheet!

Here’s a guide that will help you complete all the Skye’s Adventure Challenges. Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 challenges are slightly different. They are themed according to the skin you received in battle pass. You can choose to get the Skye’s Adventure Challenge Ghost or Shadow style if you complete at least 18 of the Skye’s Adventure Challenges. After you have chosen your style, you cannot get another.

Skye Week 7 Challenges

Here are the Skye challenges for week 7.

Skye Week 8 Challenges

Here’s a complete list of all the Skye challenges week 8:

  • Search Chests at Landmarks (10)
  • Eliminate SMG-wielding players within 15 meter (3)
  • Five consecutive weak points are reached while harvesting materials
  • Fly a Choppa Under Purple, Red, or Blue Steel Bridges (1)
  • Make a campfire, eat foraged apples, eat foraged mushrooms (1)
  • In the same match, land at The Shark and visit The Agency (1)
  • Hit Pistol headshots against players or Henchmen (10)
  • Search Skye’s sword in a stone found in high places (5)
  • Block damage with a Kingsman (220)
  • In different matches, bounce on Crash Pads (3)

Final Challenge

You can choose which one to complete depending on the style of your skin!

Sky Challenges Week 7 Cheat Sheet

Here’s the cheat sheet that will give you all the information needed to complete the challenges. Credit to squatingdog. You can find more information below.

Sky Challenges Week Eight Cheat Sheet

Here’s the cheat sheet that will give you all the information needed to complete the challenges. Credit to squatingdog. You can find more information below.

Skye Ghost & Shadow Styles

After you have completed 18 Skye’s Challenges, you can choose ONE of these styles to complete the challenge. Skye skin. You won’t be capable of getting the other one. So make sure to choose wisely.

Skye Challenges Guide

It’s important to note that a lot of the challenges that have to do with Henchmen, Sentry Cameras, Sentry Turrets, & ID Scanners will NOT show up in Team Rumble. You will need to participate in regular matches to finish those challenges.

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Week 7 Challenges

Spy Bases Search Chests (7)

Spy bases only include The Shark, Yacht Grotto, Rig and Agency. Simply land at any one of these to loot the chests. Because there won’t be any Henchman, Team Rumble is the easiest. You could even get lucky and own the place.

SMGs and Pistols can cause serious damage to players (400).

If you are looking to do some damage with Pistols, I recommend that you head into Team Rumble.

You can mark an uncommon, rare, or epic item (1)

You can mark something by simply pinging it. This will notify your team or duo of the location of the item. This might not be something you use often, so let’s take a look at the most common marking methods:

  • PC: Middle Mouse Button
  • Console (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One): Left D-Pad
  • Mobile: Map Marker HUD Option

This is not something you need to do in a duo, squad or solo. All you need is to focus on the three rarities.

Within 60 seconds of landing from the Battle Bus, collect 75 each material (3)

You can do this in many places, but I chose to do it in Weeping woods because of the large metal mascot heads. These are the first to get metal, followed by wood from the tree trunks. You can also find enough stone around the area that you can easily break off 75. Although it is more difficult to find, stone can still be found in this area.

Hide in a Creepin’ Cardboard at the Box Factory (1)

The Box Factory is an unnamed Landmark located east of Lazy lake. You will be able to complete the challenge by jumping into any of the Creepin’ Cardsboard boxes that are scattered around this area.

Consume Foraged Products at The Orchard or Weeping Woods (10)

Many mushrooms can be found throughout Weeping Woods. The Orchard is located north of Frenzy Farms. It is a more reliable place to find plenty of apples. Only problem with apples is that they must be ripe to be eaten. You can easily eat mushrooms by simply landing in the Weeping Woods forest and then immediately stuffing them in your face.

Visit The Shark, Rapid’s Rest, and Gorgeous Gorge (1)

The Shark is found in the far northwest at B1 and Gorgeous Gorge is east of Weeping Woods, E5 on the Map. Rapid’s Rest is a rapid-flowing part of the river located east of Lazy Lake, G6.

Escape from a Vault by Using a Secret Passage (1)

Although this challenge may seem difficult, you will need to visit one of the spy locations: The Agency, Yacht, Grotto or Grotto. Next, you will need to get rid of the boss and take the keycard. Then, go to the vault to obtain the keycard. You can then use the passage which is likely to be a port-a potty to leave this area. This passage could be used to get out of the area if someone else has already taken it. This is not possible in Team Rumble.

Visit Skye’s coastal campsites (3)

There are five locations you can visit, but you only have to visit three. I’d grab a Choppa at Pleasant Park or The Shark and visit all three northern spots. These could all be landed in separate games, but they are often far from where you want to go.

With a Harpoon gun (1), pull a player or henchman.

This would be done on a Henchman who can be found at all spy locations and safe houses. You can’t guarantee one unless you open up your chests.

Week 8 Challenges

Search Chests at Landmarks (10)

Landmarks can be locations that aren’t clearly labeled on a map. The majority of places on the map with unique items at them are Landmarks. The map below shows four Landmarks I have marked. They each have quite a number of chests. These are good places to visit if your goal is to get a lot in one go. However, this challenge will be completed passively.

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Eliminate SMG-wielding players within 15 meter (3)

It’s not difficult. Just get close to the enemy and shoot them with a shotgun. This is what I would do in Team Rumble, where you can land close to an enemy and get rid of them.

Recover materials by hitting 5 consecutive weak points (3)

You want an object with a lot of HP and that can take many hits. Metal objects are the best, and Dirty Docks’ shipping containers are ideal for this. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. The first is to hit the object, then pause. The weak point marker will disappear in a few seconds, so be sure to align your next swing before you hit the object. Another way is to swing close enough to the object to hold the swing button. This will bring the marker back close enough that you can hit it.

Fly a Choppa Under Purple, Red, or Blue Steel Bridges (1)

There are quite a few Choppas all over the map. However, the one east Craggy Cliffs would be easiest to grab. I would fly to the one east of Craggy Cliffs and then head over the river to the bridges.

Make a campfire, eat foraged apples, eat foraged mushrooms (1)

There are plenty of campfires available. All you need is enough wood to light the fire and to ignite it. You can find apples north of Frenzy farm at the orchard. You can find mushrooms around Slurpy Swamp or Weeping Woods.

Credit Lootlake.infoGet the map!

In the same match, land at The Shark and visit The Agency (1)

This challenge can be done in a number of ways. The first is to fly in normal mode and land at The Shark. There is a Choppa that you can jump into, and then fly it to The Agency in the middle of The Map. You could also do this by going into Team rumble, and landing at The Shark. The circle will usually be in the middle of your map. You can wait for the storm, then you’ll respawn and you can glide to The Agency.

Hit Pistol headshots against players or Henchmen (10)

This is the easiest way to get a gun and shoot Henchmen. It’s possible to go into Team Rumble with only the pistol and shoot at targets that barely move.

Search Skye’s sword found in a high-altitude stone (5)

There are many locations on the map where you can find a sword and a stone. You can grab a Choppa, if you’re able to, and fly your route to the five you need.

Block damage with a Kingsman (220)

Grab one of the relatively new Kingsman umbrellas and you can block any incoming damage from other players. It won’t spawn in Team Rumble. It is best to just open several chests in order to find one.

Crash Pads are available in different matches

Crash Pads were introduced in the last patch. Get some and toss one on the ground. To complete the challenge, jump on one of three games.

Ghost & Shadow Ollie Locations

After completing 18 Skye’s Adventures, you’ll be able to choose between a Ghost or Shadow skin style. Make sure you go to the Agents section in the Battle Pass menu. Choose Skye, then select the style that you prefer! This will ensure that Ollie doesn’t appear on your map. After you have made your selection, go to the exact location as shown on the map below.