Fortnite Shopping Cart Guide – Locations and How-to Use!

Fortnite Shopping Cart Guide – Locations and How-to Use!

The Fortnite Shopping Cart Guide includes information about where they can be found, how to use them, and the first vehicle that was added to Fortnite. This guide has been updated to include new locations for Season 7 Battle Pass!

Fortnite finally has a shopping cart as a “vehicle”. This is a great addition to Fortnite and we will see how it impacts the game.

Shop Cart Release Date

The game’s shopping cart was added to the game on May 30, 2018. This was originally supposed to be on the 29th but was delayed.

Shopping Cart Quick Information

Here are some quick facts

  • It can be pushed around or jumped in. It can be pushed by a friend.
  • It is possible to shoot from the passenger’s seat.
  • They are found in many locations around the globe.
  • Fall damage enabled.

Shopping Carts – Where to Look

You can find shopping carts all over the map. Below is a map that illustrates many of them. Credit to Fortnite Chests.

Retail Row, located in the parking lot just before NOMS Grocery Store, is one area that seems obvious. The entire parking lot may have shopping cart spawns. This is where you should go to look for them. There are many in Lucky Landing and the snow areas.

How to Use Shopping Carts

You can use your use key to either enter the shopping cart or push it behind you. You can either push or push your friend if you’re in a team or squad. These are great for speed and can be rolled down hills or ramps.

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To push the cart, tap your jumpkey. To coast, hold your jumpkey. Coasting basically means standing behind the cart and letting the momentum carry you.

The push position can be switched into the passenger chair by pressing C on your PC. Once you have a cart, the key instructions will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. The same key can be used to switch back from the passenger seat into pushing.

You can fire your weapon at anyone if you’re in the passenger spot. You can still see and aim down the sights. This isn’t a problem. However, I imagine that there will be some insane clips of people flying down ramps in carts to get killed. A shopping cart can be used to BUILD, so it’s easy to ramp up and push.

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