Fortnite Shadow Safe House Locations

Fortnite Shadow Safe House Locations

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Here’s a list of locations to help you find SHADOW Safe Houses. This is the “Find SHADOW Safe Houses Challenge” that you will need to complete in order to get new styles for your Battle Pass skin, and some XP.

This is just one part of the Brutus’ Briefing ChallengesYou can complete Chapter 2: Season 2! These are important because you have the chance to choose between the Shadow or Ghost versions of the Brutus Skin. You will be locked in once you have chosen one.

Shadow Safe Houses

We know of five locations. Alpha, Beta (Charlie, Delta, and Echo) are all scattered across the map. Some of these require that you enter a nearby Porta-Potty, Dumpster or other facility to access. The exact locations are shown on the map.

Alpha Shadow Safe House

To access the Alpha Shadow Safe House, you must enter the Porta-Potty behind Pleasant Park’s Gas Station. You can’t access this Safe House without a teleporter, as far as I know.

Beta Shadow Safe House

Beta can be found to the east from Frenzy Farm, under a gas station. The small brick building with the Porta Potty is behind it. To get to the Beta Safe House, you can enter it. This is the second Safe House that I am certain can only be accessed via teleporter.

Charlie Shadow Safe House

Charlie is located east of Craggy Cliffs. You can either enter the building as normal or use the dumpster to teleport inside.

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Delta Shadow Safe House

This is the location on the large island in the middle Lazy Lake. Watch out for Henchmen who patrol the area and there may be some inside. For credit, you might not need to even enter the house.

Echo Shadow Safe House

Echo is located south of Sweaty Sands, in the middle. It’s located in a simple red house with an enormous satellite dish. You should be cautious as there will be Henchmen.

This video will help you locate these locations if you still have trouble.

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