Fortnite Season 8 Week 6, Challenges List and Cheat sheet provides all of the answers and solutions to the challenges you have to solve for the week. You will find maps of treasure and locations for items, along with tips to help you complete them all as fast as possible.

This week’s challenge is to find a wooden rabbit and stone pig. We will also be landing at different areas and searching for the points of the knife on a loading screen.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Cheat Sheet

Here’s a cheatsheet to help you find out where you can find all the challenges. For more information about these challenges, see the below. Credit to SquatingDog.

For Season 8, Week 6 Challenges List

Free Battle Pass Challenges

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Hidden Item

Our website is available here Fortnite Season 8 GuideFor guides to every week’s challenges, click here! All the secret items are also in our Season 8 Hidden Battle Stars Locations post.

Visit a wooden rabbit and a stonepig as well as a metal lama (3)

These are located around the map’s edges and made from building materials. For more information, see the cheat sheet!

Visit the 5 highest elevations in the island (5)

These are most commonly located on the western side of the map. However, there is one located on the volcano. For all the locations, you can refer to the cheat sheet.

Eliminate your opponents at Frosty Flights or Lazy Lagoon (3)

This is a very easy one. There will be a lot more people at Lazy Lagoon. Frosty Flights has no planes and offers a casual experience.

Stage 1 – Land at Fatal Fields (1)

To complete the task, you will need to land at five locations: Fatal Fields (Lazy Lagoon), Shifty Shafts and Frost Flights.

On the Treasure Map loading screen, search for the point where the knife points (1)

We use the same Isle of TreasureAs last time, loading screen. We’re now heading to the spot where it is sticking. This is located south of Lonely Lodge. The exact location can be found on the cheat sheet.

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Isle of Treasure Tier 9

Take a Flint-Knock Pistol, Boom Bow and get an elimination

These are the two new additions to this game! They are both easy enough to get an elimination. For help if you have difficulty, go to an LTM.

Two matches can be made with different throwable items (2)

You can find grenades and stickies, as well as stink bombs. Make sure to throw it soon after finding it so you can get credit.

Hidden Item

You will get the Master Key loading screen once you have completed all the week 6 challenges. It has coordinates marked on it!

To pick it up, head to the marked location on the map!

Here’s the video that will show you exactly where the banner is located.


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