Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Challenges List, Cheat Sheet, Locations & Solutions

Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Challenges List, Cheat Sheet, Locations & Solutions

Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Cheat Sheet and Challenges List provides all the answers and solutions for the challenges that you will need to complete during the week. You’ll find tips and maps for finding items and treasure, as well as information on how to complete each challenge as quickly as possible.

This week, we’ll be landing at various locations, dealing damage from falling supply drop, eliminating players in Salty Springs or Haunted hills, gaining Health with various items and traveling to the farthest points of map to deal damage to opponents using the Pirate Cannon.

Fortnite Season 8: Week 2 Cheat sheet

Here’s a cheatsheet to help you find out where you can find all the challenges. Below are more details about the challenges. Credit to SquatingDog.

Week 2 Challenges List Season 8

List of free Battle Pass Challenges

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Hidden Item

Our website is available here Fortnite Season 8 GuideGuides for every week’s challenge! All the secret items are also in our Season 8 Hidden Battle Stars Locations post.

Stage 1 – Land at The Block (1)

This five-stage challenge requires you to land at each of the following locations: The Block (or Dusty Divot), Polar Peak (or Snobby Shores), Paradise Palms (or Paradise Palms).

Deal damage to descending Supply Drops (200)

This is a simple one. Just shoot at Supply Drops when they are in air. This is a good idea to do in an LTM as there’s always plenty of drops.

Eliminations at Salty Springs, Haunted hills (3)

This is a simple one. Just head to the location you want and make some eliminations. Haunted hills will be less popular, so I recommend that you head there if it’s more action.

Stage 1 of 3: Gain health from Apples (25)

This is a three-stage challenge. You will first need to eat apples and then use campfires before you can heal up with med kit. Each challenge requires you to recover a certain amount. Apples require 25 hp to be fully recovered. You will need five apples. You will need to recover 50 hp from a campfire and 75 hp using a medkit.

The island’s furthest North and South, East, East, West, and West points are available for you to visit (4)

You will find signs at the farthest point of each direction on the map. You can see each one on the cheat sheet, or you can check this video if it is not clear.

Use a Pirate Cannon (100 to inflict damage on your opponents)

This is the most difficult of the week. Head to an LTM to have the best chance of launching cannon balls at enemy soldiers. You might find a circle near one of the pirate outposts, or near other points of interest. These areas have a lot to offer in the way of Pirate Cannons.

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You can search a chest in multiple named locations in one match (3)

This one can be quite difficult if the LTM is not nearby. You can do this in a normal match if you aren’t too far from the bus route and towards the outskirts. Junk Junction/Haunted hills/Pleasant Park may be a good choice, though Pleasant could prove difficult. Frosty Flights is quite slow these days so you could head there and then to Polar Peak, Shifty Shafts, or Happy Hamlet.

Hidden Item

This loading screen will appear after you have completed all the week 2 challenges. The Brood, The Prisoner’s henchmen is being sent to the island to cause havoc. The outline of a banner can be seen to the left side of The Prisoner’s throne. You will need to go here to find it.

To find the secret location of the hidden banner, head down to the volcano near his throne.