Fortnite Season 8 Guide – Challenge Guides, Battle Pass Information

Fortnite Season 8 Guide – Challenge Guides, Battle Pass Information

Here’s a look at all the information we have on Season 8 Fortnite! We have tons of new items, cosmetics and map changes. A brand new theme will guide us through the months ahead. Each week we will be adding challenge guides until the final challenges are revealed.

Season 8 has been released! There are pirates, volcanoes and canons. We also have a banana. The map has changed quite significantly and now there’s a large volcano right where Tomato Temple was. New points of interest include Sunny Steps replacing Wailing Woods and Lazy Lagoon replacing Lazy Link.

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Season 8 Challenge Guides

Our guides will help you identify the challenges that are facing each week and provide solutions.

Our Hidden Items list will provide a list of all the items that you have found after completing our week-long challenges. Fortnite Season 8 Secret Battle Stars Guide!

When will Fortnite Season 8 start?

Season 8 will premiere on February 28th 2019. We expect the release to begin on February 28th, 2019. However, delays can occur so it is possible for the date to be delayed. Here’s an overview of the times patches will be available.

  • UK: 9am (BST)
  • Europe: 10am (CEST)
  • USA: 4am (EDT), 1am (PDT)

How Much Does Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass cost?

Season 8 offers you the opportunity to get it completely free of charge! Fortnite Season 7 features an event called Overtime ChallengesIf you complete 13 of the challenges, you’ll get the Season 8 Battle Pass free! Standard cost for Battle Pass is 950 V Bucks and Battle Bundle costs 2,800 V Bucks (Battle Pass + 25 Tiers). The cost of V-Bucks purchased from the store is $9.99

You must complete the Overtime Challenges if you are going to get the Season 8 Battle Pass. They aren’t difficult to do and don’t require the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Season 8 Patch Notes & Changes

There have been many changes to the existing stuff, and some things have been modified. Let’s take a closer look!

Map & Feature Additions

Lava & Volcanic Vents have been added as parts of the map. Lava can be harmful so avoid touching it. Volcanic Vents, though, are extremely useful. They lift you high into the sky, making it easy to travel. Party Assist, a new feature, can help you overcome any challenges you may be facing.

  • Lava Added
    • Lava will deal 1 touch damage and cause players to bounce off of the surface. Be careful!
  • Volcanic Vents Added
    • Volcanic Vents are hot air balloons that lift vehicles and players into the skies.
  • Party Assist Added
    • Before a match, enable Party Assist to create a Daily or Weekly challenge with your party.
    • Your party members can help you make progress on the chosen challenge.
    • This functionality does not include “fill” players, who are added to the party during matchmaking, or teammates from large teams modes like Team Rumble.
  • Increased Infinite Dab duration of 11 hours to 12hrs in the lobby
  • A Thermal Scope can show you how a Cozy Campfire glows even though it is still active.
  • Beginning in Season 8, daily tasks will automatically be claimed after they have been completed.
    • Any Challenges that have been completed will be automatically completed and all rewards will arrive. These rewards will not be sent to you in-game, however.
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Weapons & Item Additions + Vault Additions

The Pirate Cannon, a new addition to this game, is now available. It looks a bit like a vehicle. You can find it on the map. If you engage it from behind, you can move it around. You can also fire out of the cannon by entering it. If you wish, your teammates can also go into the cannon to fire you out. When you are shot, you will break through any objects. If you hit an enemy directly, it will do 100 damage. Those around you will take 50.

  • Pirate Cannon
    • Move the Cannon to its desired position, aim and fire! Or, you can climb into the barrel for a launch!
    • The cannon can fire cannonballs and players at great distances. Players and cannonballs can smash through many objects and then stop with a bang. This causes damage and knockback to other players.
    • A direct hit deals 100 damage to enemies, and 50 to enemies within a small area.
    • All around the environment.
  • Vaulted
    • Sneaky Snowman
    • Chiller Grenade
    • X-4 Stormwing
    • Shopping Cart
    • All Terrain Kart
  • Icon of the Hunting Rifle Updated
  • Reduction in the availability of Assault Rifles of High Tier
    • The total number of Assault Rifles remains the same
      • Higher chance to receive a Common quality assault weapon from 48.56% – 56.30%
      • Chances of receiving an Uncommon quality assault gun are higher from 26.83% to 28.15
      • The chance of getting an assault rifle of rare quality has been reduced from 16.17% to 10.911%
      • You have a lower chance of getting an Epic quality assault weapon. This is from 7.02% to just 3.52%
    • The chance of receiving an assault rifle of legendary quality has been reduced from 1.82% – 1.13%


What teasers have been released for season 8?

Teasers from Epic lead into each season, showing parts of the upcoming skins as well as clues to what you’ll see. Here’s a list:

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Teaser #1

The teaser’s first image shows red hot flames with the silhouette a traditional pirate’s hook. Some speculate that the season will be about fire vs water, with the release the Deep Sea DestroyerAnd the Deep Sea Dominator skins.

‘X’ Marks the Spot Treasure Abound Loot that has gone missing Can always be found. Only 4 days until Season 8. – Source

Teaser #2

The second teaser features more flames and fire, and a creepy snake that looks a lot like a cobra. Here is the description text.

In the cave, Sssomething shimmers However, beware of those who arrive on waves. There are 3 days left to Season 8. – Source

Teaser #3

The third teaser appears to be of a tiger/cat kind of thing. This is what you will find in the post.

You can awaken beasts of fire and ash. Only 2 days until Season 8. – Source

Teaser #4

The last teaser has been released and shows the potential for a banana skin.!

Explore the world, Challenge your fate Discover the secrets Adventure awaits Tomorrow starts Season 8. – Source

These teaser images make a skull if you combine them. This could be the skull and crossbones symbolizing pirates. Also, it appears there is a volcano. Be on the lookout for an explosive event!

What is Fortnite Season 8’s Theme?

Although earthquakes are not the theme, there is a lot of shaking on the map at the moment. This could be due to The Prisoner skin creating unstable terrain and casting a spell over the map.

Another angle of @benjabolvaran45:

— Fortnite News – (@FortniteBR) February 14, 2019

The earthquakes are spreading all across the map’s northern and eastern regions. I would not be surprised to see large changes at Lazy Links. Here’s a glimpse at one crack at Lazy Links. Credit to iScenario on Twitter.

Lazy Links Cracks

Check out this timeline to see when earthquakes will occur and when cracks will appear. Credit to ScrapMechanicKid on Reddit.

Timings of Earthquakes

Other interesting stuff is also available, including dragons! The Ice King had dragon eggs found in his castle. However, it seemed that they were gone after The Prisoner exploded onto the scene. What does all this mean? It’s difficult to know, but it shouldn’t surprise you to see some Dragons make an impact on your game or map in the future. Credit to RunDavid on RedditThank you for the image.

Dragon Eggs!

Even the inside of an egg can show you the outline of a Dragon! These are no more in place, so we’ll have to see what happens with them.

Update: It’s possible that these eggs were snake eggs based on the teasers. The egg’s shape looks a lot like that of the snake in the teasers.